Arabs Impersonate Israeli Cops To Smuggle Illegal Workers


ip1.jpgArabs from East Jerusalem managed to smuggle 40 illegal workers into Israel by installing police car flashers, antennas and sirens on their commercial vehicles. Soldiers manning IDF checkpoints on the smugglers route mistook the vans for Israeli security vehicles and allowed them to pass through in the past – but their game ended this morning.

Early Tuesday morning – two vehicles loaded with illegal workers -with their emergency lights flashing used their emergency loudspeaker, and called on the officers managing the checkpoint to move to the side of the road. The officers let the vehicles through, but then ran a check to see who the vans belonged to.

Upon learning that one of the vehicle owners was an East Jerusalem resident and another was wanted for questioning, the officers notified the Beit She’an police station, which proceeded to dispatch officers to pull the vans over.

Beit She’an Police Chief Shimon Ben-Sabo said: “This is a severe incident. They could have smuggled terrorists into Israel in this manner. We estimate that they successfully entered Israel a number of times using this method.”

(Source: Ynet)

(Photo Credit: HNN / Israeli Police)


  1. With all this smuggling going on: WHY IS THERE A DEMAND FOR PRODUCE FROM GAZA? Full of dangers and potential terror attacks, just to fill the plates with cucumbers and tomatoes.

  2. Funny, hospital security doesnt let an ambulance pass, even if they have a dying patient inside, untill they check whos inside.but the police can pass with nomore than a little blue light connected to a white van.
    I wonder if the reason they ran the lisence plates through, is because they picked up on the arab accent.