Sunday Morning News Briefs from Eretz Yisrael


Heavy weekend rains have added 16cm to the Kinneret.

** IDF soldiers taking part in counterterrorism operations throughout Yehuda and Shomron apprehended three suspects during the night.

09:02: Arabs on Har HaBayis threw rocks at police. Police arrested at least three persons. The area remains open to visitors.

09:40: Nurses in Nahariya Hospital are walking off the job from 10:00-13:00 in protest of overcrowding, registering 150% in that facility. Nurses are walking off the job in different hospitals daily in the hope of drawing attention to the bleak realities of the nation’s hospitals.

10:20: Police are investigating a possible arson attack. Eight vehicles were ablaze in Kafr Musmous in the Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara) area. There was also damage to a nearby mosque from the flames.

10:22: “Price Tag” and a PA (Palestinian Authority) flag were painted on a gas station along Route 444 near Kibbutz Chorshim in the Sharon area. Police are investigating.

10:30: Three policemen were injured in morning rock-throwing attacks on Har HaBayis.

14:28: A total of 13 Arabs were arrested in rock-throwing attacks against police and visitors to Har HaBayis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)