Rocket Attacks into Southern Israel on Shabbos


Three Grad katyusha rockets fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza landed in an open area near Beersheva on Shabbos. On erev Shabbos, a rocket landed south of Ashkelon. Baruch Hashem there were no reports of injuries or damage in any of the attacks.

According to reports from Gaza, the IAF retaliated on motzei Shabbos, striking targets in Zeitoun and other areas of Hamas-occupied Gaza.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I’m sure some can call this arm chair general comments, but for each rocket fired there needs to be a response 10x greater. The IAF has full control of the airspace over Gaza and they should use that to their full advantage. The one thing these savages do understand is brute force. The response if punishing enough will be well understood.