Soldier Terror Victim’s Condition Improving


Baruch Hashem the soldier who was stabbed on the Jerusalem light rail by a terrorist last week is showing signs of improvement.

IDF Private Yehudit Aaron, 19, who was stabbed numerous times by a lone terrorist on board the Jerusalem light rail is showing signs of recovery. Doctors report the terrorist’s knife penetrated her chest just millimeters from her heart. “I am happy they apprehended the terrorist. It makes me feel better” Yehudit told the media.

Yehudit was on the train heading back to her base on the morning of the attack. She explains she saw the attacker, and he looked suspicious, but he headed to the door and she thought he was getting off. He came from behind her and attacked her however prior to running off the train.

“I tried to defend myself with my arm. I saw everything was full of blood. I felt like I was passing out. It was like a dream – it was a horrible feeling” she described.

Yehudit sustained multiple chest, abdomen and extremely stab wounds. The suspect was apprehended later in the day by border police at the Kalandia Checkpoint on Jerusalem’s northern border.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Very nice that they caught him, what are they going to do with him?? Sentence him to 20+ years then let him out as the next ‘goodwill gesture’ to our evilwilled ‘peace partner’?? No wonder they think it’s worth a try r’l

  2. Refua shleima besoch cholei Israel!
    Hashem please send us Mashiach!
    Am Israel is suffering. We need to pray and cry to Hashem’s salvation!!!