PHOTOS: A Story Of Hashovas Aveida In Yerushalayim



As police dealt with the dozens of violent Peleg protestors on Thursday, one officer found a bag and when he opened it, to his surprise, he found cash and checks. He submitted the bag to his superiors and after an effort on the part of police, the owner was found and the bag returned on Sunday, 28 Adar.

“You should be blessed from Shomayim for the hashovas aveida which is not taken for granted” explained the frum Jerusalem woman who came to claim the bag. She arrived at the Tzion station to claim the bag that was lost during the ruckus of the protest on Thursday.

It was explained that immediately after finding the bag the officer searched for the owner in the area but without success. Police were able to find the owner through the names on checks.

The woman explained to police she was not able to come on erev Shabbos due to her Shabbos preparations and she was told she could come on Sunday, which she did.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Police spokesman unit)