Photo Essay: Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky Baking Matzos (Photos by JDN)



  1. The Zohar brings down that being “hands-on” in the mitzvah of baking matzah brings a kaparah for that person.

    Not like R.Chaim needs one.

    By women , the way they can be hands-on with mitzvah of baking matzah and receive a kaparah is by cleaning for Pesach.

    YWN readers need more inspirational stories and pics like this one …

  2. Seriously a Kupat Hair box here as well!?!?

    Stay tuned, still to come…

    *R Chaim gives to Kupat Hair right after saying Asher Yatzar.*
    *R Ahron Leib donates 20 Shekels at the top of Mt Everest.*
    *R Chaim next to a Kupat Hair box in the North Pole.*
    *A whole flight of Rabbonim will be on the first Virgin Galactic flight to donate to Kupat Hair from space.*

    It’s sweet that it’s for a Tzedoko and all, but these people need to get out of their bubble and give our Gedoilim a break.
    Honestly, there is a fine line where this extreme advertising turns from ‘promoting’ into ‘brainwashing’ and that line has long been crossed.