Tzohar Rabbis Continue Growing As They Serve More Israelis Annually


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In the organization’s annual report, Tzohar Rabbis explain 2016 was a most successful year for its operations around Israel. The rabbis affiliated with the organization noticeably increased their activities to bring Yiddishkheit far and wide.

They opened a new Jewish Ethics Department, and finalized the prenuptial agreement that it feels should be used by couples getting married today. 900 of the couples assisted and/or married by Tzohar signed the prenuptial agreement.

Since the establishment of the organization in 1996, the group officials explain has been working to maintain the integrity of marriage in Israel. In 2016 the organization assisted 8,000 brides and bridegrooms as well as giving kallah classes to 3,200 non-religious women in addition to holding 400 meetings of kallah classes for religious kallahs. An additional 40 rabbonim and 40 kallah teachers were certified during the year as well.

Their “Roots” program managed to close the cases on 2,200 persons whose Jewishness was in question.

Regarding Yomim Tovim, their program increased as well with Purim events taking place in 2,500 area including a total of 58,000 people. This included reading Megillah and distributing baskets of goodies to participants.

Tzohar boasts that there were 8,500 participants in its Shavuos learning programs in 21 locals, as well as 40,000 participants in Rosh Hashanah minyanim and events held in 250 places nationwide. This included blowing shofar in shuls and parks, minyanim and limud.

Yom Kippur hosted 58,000 participants around the country including over 300 minyanim.

The organization’s bar mitzvah program addressed requests from 261 families.

Organization leaders express the hope that the current year will be accompanied by continued growth as they continue reaching out to assist the klall.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. if only theyeshivaworld would report about bnei torah in eretz yisroel the way they report on “Tzohar” an organization that according to all the gedolei hador as a destructive force in klal yisroel
    you could do whatever you want your anonymous and noone can stop you but its really not right to fool people by calling yourself Yeshivaworld

  2. #1 WHAT Tzohar does no other religious group is ready,equipped or willing to do.

    They have open house Purim parties with megillah reading, classes and free shmura matzohs for Pesach, classes for chassan and kallah before preforming weddings. Many unaffiliated and secular Jews move to more traditions after engaging with Tzohar.

  3. #1 and #5 – I’m sorry, but I disagree with you. YWN has posted several articles condemning Tzohar’s actions. Here they are just being neutral.

    Zionflag – I yearn for the day that shalom is created between the DL and Chareidim. The seeds of that happening have already been planted. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Tzohar will be playing a role in making that happen. So far, they have only shown themselves to having accomplished the opposite. I understand your desire to see growth and strength in the DL world, but choose wisely which organizations to support and which not. Even in the Chareidi world not all groups are advantageous for us Chareidim to support.