Two Israelis R”L Shot And Killed In Terrorist Attack


mda cover.jpg8:03AM EST: Although the exact circumstances are still unclear, and there are many conflicting reports, MDA Paramedics have confirmed that they have R”L pronounced two Israelis dead, and two others wounded – from an apparent drive-by shooting. The incident occurred between the settlement’s of Telem and Aduran, west of Chevron.

As soon as the details are sorted out, they will be posted.



  1. the were soldiers off duty and hiking 9 miles away from chevron. they were both sons of prominant rabbis in kiryat arba. their funerals were motzei shabbos and they were burried in the military cemetary in har hertzel.

  2. Davidf, of course it saddens me but there are no words to say. When I hear of such news it saddens me deeply, seriously but what CAN I say? I am so sorry to hear the news, I guess I could say a comment like Number 1 but what good would that do. I will have more Kavanna when saying specific parts of Davening, now that will make a difference!

  3. davidf
    If you draw up a list from 1 – 10 on issues on the mind of every Jew. Israel will either be in place 9, 10 or not included. “What a rachmanus”