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Yerushalayim: Large Search On Friday Night For Missing Child

zaka.jpgThis past Friday evening in Yerushalayim a twelve year old child disappeared from his home on Rechov Hey Mem Gimmel near Mattesdorf. The police arrived and started an investigation. A search was then initiated – with hundreds of volunteers walking on foot throughout the neighborhoods searching. ZAKA had vehicles driving around through the streets with a loud speaker mounted on top of the car informing everyone that it was Pikuach Nefesh, giving the exact description of the child, and asking anyone with information to call the Police.

The police department was extremely helpful in the search, and worked hand in hand with local volunteers throughout the night. The police even went into mikvaos on Shabbos morning searching for him.

Boruch Hashem on Shabbos morning he was found in Bayit Vegan (over a half hour walk away) at 9:30AM by his uncle’s house, and the search was called off.

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  1. re#1 daboss,
    pikuach nefesh is not worth second sure a shailoh was asked. b”h a happy ending. if it were a relative to one of us, wouldnt we want the same response ?

  2. I was part of the search team. It was amazing how many people from all walks of life were looking for him. From all the people saw me driving I got one Shabbos yell and I explained why we were out driving and the man right away started saying tehilim. People knew that if there were people driving in frum neighborhoods it was for a reason. Mi Ke’amcha Yisrael.

  3. #2 – you misunderstood my point.
    I was trying to emphasize that a trained expert on the mirror side of the palnet might have been able to further guide them ONCE THE INITIAL SEARCH was underway.
    I was NEVER trying to second guess any shailos/tshuvas; merely stating that two heads are better than one and three better than two. One can never know the outcome with the additional input of just ONE individual. Something minor that every one else may have overlooked, despite the professionalism, is worth a phone call.
    I was CHAS VESHALOM NOT intending to minimize the valiant efforts of the askanim.
    As you stated, BH a happy conclusion.
    I will however refrain from further commenting on this blog as it is apparent that bashing is the norm here.
    G’bye and good luck….

  4. If I make take the liberty, I want to expand on the comments of ‘Daboss’.

    There is no question that a missing person is Doche Shabbos and is Pikuach Nefesh, and Daboss was not criticizing in any way.

    However, when a person is missing, there are experts that can determine if the person is ‘lost’ or went somewhere. In this case, being that the child was at his uncle, he was never ‘lost’, his whereabouts were unknown. Had an expert been consulted earlier on, the uncle’s home could have been considered and option and checked without requiring hundreds of peoples involvement.

    This is not to minimize or criticize the efforts nor intentions of those involved. However, one can learn for the future.

    A lost would be a younger child, someone who is not familiar with an area and may wander into dangerous territory, or an elderly with Alzheimers or other medical condition.

  5. I was awakened in the night by the loudspeakers going around but they were going too fast and speaking too fast and I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Anyone in a position to do so should tell them to take care that the announcements be understandable. Hashem ya’azor, such things should never be needed again.

  6. You have no idea how special we Torah Jews are. I saw shabbos morning a car of frum avreichim and bochurim driving down, getting out and seaching high and low selflessly. It was with love and care.These people are something else!

  7. ny100k:
    I wont get in to the facts but it was not that simple as to go to all his relatives. The case was a lot more complicated than him just being over at relatives home.

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