Olmert Makes Surprise Visit To Jordan


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olabd.jpgPrime Minister Ehud Olmert is currently on a surprise visit to Jordan, where he is meeting with King Abdullah II.  Having concluded a working lunch with their staffs, the Prime Minister and the King are now holding a private meeting.  During the working lunch, the two leaders discussed bilateral relations, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and US President George Bush’s upcoming visit to the region.

King Abdullah, who met yesterday in Aqaba, with Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen, expressed his hope that the latter and Prime Minister Olmert will advance the peace process and will continue the process begun at Annapolis in order to complete it as quickly as possible.

Prime Minister Olmert and King Abdullah also discussed the implementation of the Roadmap and the Palestinians’ and Israel’s Roadmap commitments. 

Prime Minister Olmert updated King Abdullah on the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and reiterated the urgent need for the Palestinians to prepare to fight terrorism and dismantle its infrastructures.  The Prime Minister also stressed Israel’s commitment not to establish new settlements and to refrain from expropriating new land in Judea and Samaria.

Prime Minister Olmert is expected to return to Israel later this evening.



  1. Hopefully they’ll lock him up. Although, then Israel would swap thousands of terrorists for his release, so it’s probably not worth it.

  2. to phome:

    that was the ARAB “chaver Knesset” who NEVER returned from his trip abroad!!!

    Halevai Olmer too …

    .. but unfortunateoly, who will replace him — noch a mamzer!!!

  3. As long as they don’t release any terrorists with “blood on their hands” for his return, then we have nothing to be concerned about.