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Police Detain 7 Teens Who Regret Accosting Charedim in Arad

Seven Arad residents, all of whom are categorized as teens, have been investigated over the course of the past month for assaulting Charedim while the latter were on their way to shul.

During the course of the investigation, the youngsters all expressed regret for their actions and have begun mandatory therapy sessions, which are being supervised by city social workers. Regardless, police are continuing their investigation.  

The police began their investigation following numerous complaints from local residents Charedi residents that a group of youngsters were riding the bicycles and accosted the Charedim in the city while they were on their way to shul.  

The initial investigation lead to the detaining of two youngsters aged 15, who after being confronted by the police expressed regret for their actions. Further investigation lead the police to detain another five youngsters for similar actions who also professed that they regretted their actions in hindsight.

Charedim 10 quoted a spokesperson for the police force who said, “We will continue to work diligently and with a heavy hand against those who disturb the peace and harm the quality of life for their fellow citizens in our city.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



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  1. And the gerrers? do they have any regret for hogging everything in arad that provoked these peoples anger in the first place? enought already there are other people in klal yisroel besides you

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