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VIDEO/PHOTOS: President’s Residence Shul Hosts 100s For Slichos


Four hundred guests were hosted for slichos on Wednesday evening in the President’s Residence Shul. President Reuven Rivlin continued the minhag, with this year being the fourth year that slichos were hosted by the president, with Yonatan Razel leading the tefilla.

“In such times, we should look not only at what we have done in to others and against G-d, but also about our community and all of Israeli society,” said the president. “Yes, it is hard here sometimes, very difficult, but it is not an excuse for sins that we all sin in our language. In our words – in front of sectors and entire groups, against people who do not think like us.”

Rivlin added that from a national point of view, each and every one of us should ask for forgiveness for what he has said and done to his friend. “Our national discourse this year has often exceeded the boundaries of good taste, common sense, what is right and what is appropriate. For the sin we sinned in the expression of lips. We all want the good of the state, the good of our lives, even if we think that the way different we all want to reach the same goal and we have really reached lofty goals in the 70 years of existence of our country.

“Even if we have to balance the books, start a new page and start from the beginning, a fresh start of a new year, I wish the regular shul worshipers and all the guests who arrived this year for Slichos, Shana Tova and a sweet Year. Chasima Tova!

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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