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Social Activist’s Injured While Protesting Kapparos At Numerous Locations in Israel

A number of violent confrontations erupted between practitioners of the Kapparos custom across Israel and those who feel that the custom is inhumane. Protestors against the custom of using live chickens to do Kapparos fought with Charedim who were trying to uphold the centuries-old custom.

According to reports from numerous first response agencies, 6 people were treated for injuries following a violent confrontation that took place on Menachem Begin Boulevard in Hadera on Thursday afternoon. The injured parties were taken to Hillel Yaffe hospital for treatment. Among the injured was one man and 5 women, all of whom are vegan.

In Jerusalem, numerous vegan protesters held signs near Kaparos centers, some with quotes from the Rashba deriding the custom. A police spokesperson relayed that “Violence erupted near the Olga interchange, between community members and dozens of protesters who came without prearranging the protest with police. The social advocates were protesting the opening of a makeshift slaughterhouse that is being used to accommodate the influx of chickens coming from all over the country following the Kapparos ritual that takes place before the holiday of Yom Kippur.”

“As a result of the violence that ensued during the protest, some 4 people in their 20’s ad 40’s were lightly injured. As of yet, there have not been any formal complaints or charges pressed in either direction.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Just ask any of these anti-kapporos zealots what their position is on cruelty to unborn fetuses. Nearly all of them will support abortion — cruelty to fetuses — but oppose kapporos — which is “cruelty” to chickens.

  2. I am commit to prevention of cruelty to vegetables. Do you think that just because they do not have eyes they do not cry? They suffer terribly when man yanks them out of the ground!

    Have mercy on these poor veggies and tomorrow we will refrain from eating all food, whether chicken or carrots.

    (this is a bit of sarcasm, not really serious!)

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