WATCH: Chasidic Singer Motti Steinmetz Sings ‘Hatikva’



  1. To Joseph:

    Just a little bit of achdus among the tzibur in EY seems to offend you. It was a beautiful rendition of Hatikvah. Your trolling comments are occasionally humorous. Just let go of your hatred for anything about the medinah

  2. Motti was just having fun, give him a break…. BTW the Yerusholayim at the end is Heavenly !!!
    YWN . should close comments to this as “Al Todin Lechaveroh Ad Shetagiah L’mekomo ” no one …Yes NO one is in Motties position

  3. He scathed his reputation in many Frum & chasidish crowds. Seen others do the same as a beginning of their fall.
    Motti you’ve done so well. Why mess it up. You know chassidim as you are have a major issue with this. I’m sadly surprised at this.
    Chaval !!!

  4. Many Chazonim or Singers such as Avrohom Fried, Itche Halfgot, MBD, Chaim Adler to name a few, sang Hatikvah in front of Dati Leumi crowds, they didn’t lose their status in the frum community and are still invited by almost all Chasidish and litvish events.

  5. I suspect that, this is unfortunately the beginning of his end,
    Same happened to Lipa, started on the right track, then he wanted to please everyone every time,

  6. “Whats the chillul hashem”

    Showing ahavas yisroel…sharing in an event with non-chareidi yidden….acting like a mentch….displaying a beautiful voice to bring joy to others….

    any one of these is a “chillul hashem” to some of the usual haters of anyting that doesn’t conform to their dark vision of yiddeshkeit

  7. “Liyhot chofshi b’artzeinu” R”l. What could be wrong with that?
    It’s such a small drop of kefirah. Only a small drop!
    He’d been falling for a long time already. One of those who sang for Berland on Sukkos. Also MBD visited Berland. Part of the procession of those who visit and get photographed with him for big bucks.
    Their music will corrupt your soul, but who cares about that these days?

  8. Yehuda26. Why so much critic. Why so much hate? A little kiruv goes a long way and u will live a lot longer if your more positive . Chill out.

  9. Shimen…

    לֹא-תִשְׂנָא אֶת-אָחִיךָ, בִּלְבָבֶךָ….
    וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ:

    You can probably do your usual turning, twisting and distorting, but ahavas yisroel trumps some anti-tzionist gibbersish that gets invoked when c’v someone sings hatikvah

  10. outstanding
    shabbos koidish
    we had a getaway with our entire family we all were astonished by the amazing cd we sang it till midnight hartzig and full of hissoriss motzie shabbos we wanted to see a clip opening to Motty we were caught in shock Hatikvah sung by a chassidishe singer it’s sad very sad how far was has gone it makes no sense why should soon be that black marker on his beautiful name tzionism is indeed a shame
    “we want the beis hamikdish rebuild very soon R’motty it’s a hartzvei We were Yearning for the geulah don’t acknowledge this anymore I want our future pure torah jews not just( stom )please stop this “WE ARE HEILIGE KLAL YISROEL OM HANIVCHOR!
    deeply evoking