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Former Gaza Commander Tzvika Fogel: Hamas Must Be Wiped Out

Former IDF Gaza Division Commander Brigadier-General (Retired) Tzvika Fogel on Tuesday morning 25 Cheshvan, spoke with Kol Berama Radio.


Why do we continue asking ourselves how the Islamic Jihad will respond to the tunnel incident instead of asking why doesn’t the intelligence community know? It is because that we lack the courage to respond as we should.

We should tell them we are aware of your capabilities and therefore, we are entering Gaza to kill you to prevent this from occurring. Go look just how many Gaza operations have been carried out. Hizbullah and others look at us in bewilderment.

Radio KB

What should we do?


Tomorrow morning to wipe out Hamas and continue with our normal lives. We extended our hand and capabilities to Gaza to do the same for them, to assist them in building, but it was rejected.

Now it is time to eliminate Hamas and get on with our lives. It is absurd. How many times can we have an operation in Gaza. The IDF is responsible for providing security for the entire country. In my opinion, the Jihad will not fire at present, but it will take its operations to safer venues, the Diaspora.

Radio KB

Do you think we should be worried?


I believe we cannot say what they do and don’t have to, but what we have to do and can do is the correct thing, taking care of business as I and we know can be done.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. He is correct, even though not “politically” correct. Hamas are bloodthirsty animals who do not deserve life if they cannot tolerate others having it. I think about those who work in the field of extermination, who help us rid our homes, properties, and neighborhoods of pests. If we exterminate those animals, who are not malicious or hateful, we should certainly rid ourselves of these murderous thugs. It behooves me that United States still allows money for aid to flow to Hamas, when they use every dime to further their evil goals. There is no real answer except to eliminate them all.

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