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VIDEO: Peleg Protesters Appear To Have No Limits As Windshield Smashed On Egged Bus


Once again, protesters affiliated with the Peleg branch took to the streets on Wednesday evening, the eve of 27 Cheshvan. Clearly, as they have crossed the line of acceptable behavior some time ago, that line has become blurred or even forgotten by many, as we see in the accompanying footage the windshield of an Egged bus is intentionally smashed.

Peleg protests have become synonymous with blocking traffic, property damage and assaulting security authorities. Other than the chilul Hashem and fanning the flames of hate for chareidim, these protests seem to accomplish nothing – perhaps serving as a new form of recreation for those who feel more comfortable sitting on the street than on the benches of a beis medrash.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I asked my Israeli cousin-in-law what the Chassidisher crowd think of the Peleg people, and he answered that those protests don’t make any difference, nothing changes.

  2. YWN should realize that there is a difference between the Peleg idiots who are Litvish (peyos BEHIDIND the ears, Borsalino type hats, short suits) and the Jerusalimim rif-raf (long peyos, round hard hats, long coats and white yarmukes).

    The Yersalmi rif-raf are also idiots, but they hate the midina, have no brains, love buring garbage and burning garbage and have no connection to Peleg other than since they have NO brains, they like action and join the Peleg idiots to have a good time.

    The Jerusalmim DO NOT VOTE, the Peleg idiots DO VOTE. But between the two of them, there isn’t a brain worth thinking.

    Both are chillul haShem’s!

  3. I don’t see that the windshield was “intentionally smashed”. It looks to me like the bus drove into the corner of the garbage dump.

  4. I am not condoning the protests, but to me it appears that they smashed the window by accident. They were just trying to block it with the dumpster, and pushed it too far.

  5. watch, this post will probably not be posted, just as most of my other posts are not

    Moderators Note: of course not. Not with your filthy nivul peh. I’m sure the Tazkid Hador (an understatement) Rav Shmuel Auerbach would be mortified to know what you say in his name – and with such vile language. Take your hate and nivul peh elsewhere.

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