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PMO Statements On Winograd

Tonight, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received the final Winograd Report, and thanks the members of the Committee for their hard work.

The Prime Minister has already begun reading the Report, and in the next few days, intends to study thoroughly its contents and the recommendations contained therein.

It should be emphasized that the Prime Minister had, and continues to have full faith in the IDF and its commanders and soldiers, as well as their abilities.  The IDF continues and will continue to train, improve, grow stronger and be prepared for any challenge and mission.

The Prime Minister views the final Winograd Report, as well as the Interim Report which preceded it, with absolute seriousness, and already in the next few days a serious of discussions regarding the conclusions resulting from the final Report will be held in the Government plenum and in the Ministerial Committee for the Follow-Up on the Process of Implementing the Winograd Report Recommendations.

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