PHOTOS: MDA’s Make A Wish Ambulance Reunites Mother And Daughter After Five Years



Alia Edri, 102, is in a complex medical state and requires constant care due to her old age. Her daughter, Rashel, suffered a severe stroke several years ago, and has since been admitted to a rehabilitation center in severe condition and must be connected to a respirator at all times. The manager of the rehabilitation center “Beit Eshel” in Kibbutz Gvat, where Alia is hospitalized, has approached MDA to help fulfill the wish of Alia to visit her daughter with the Make a Wish Ambulance.

MDA quickly enlisted to the mission and last week, the Make a Wish Ambulance team headed by paramedic Lior Malka along with Senior EMT Hagai Sido, and youth volunteer Shani Malka, arrived at the rehabilitation center where Alia is staying in order to execute the moving reunion.

Alia was led to the room where her beloved daughter, Rashel, is staying. For a long hour she held her daughter’s hand, as she was connected to the respirator, and stroked her. Everyone in the room was moved by the sight and the intensity of the moment, Yaffa Mendelovich, Rashel’s sister, said “almost five years ago, my sister, who also suffers from genetic muscular dystrophy, suffered a severe stroke. Due to the horrible disease, she has not been able to recover and breathe on her own, and must be connected to a respirator. Since then she’s been partially conscious.”

During the reunion, those present noticed that Rashel was smiling and tearing. Family members in the room could tell that Rashel recognized the voice of her mother. MDA paramedic, Lior Malka, said: “Despite her difficult state, we could easily notice mother was feeling. This isn’t the first time a take part in fulfilling a wish, but here, it was really an emotional moment, to see a mother, over 100 years old, saying goodbye to her daughter – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. We were part of a truly special moment and good deed.”

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “The Make a Wish Ambulance Initiative has been part of many moving moments, but the one that took place at the ‘Bait Balev’ rehabilitation center in Nesher last week, was one that the team members will not forget. We have the great privilege of helping individuals suffering from complex medical conditions and their families, who are in need of ‘recharging’ emotionally and mentally so they can continue battling their disease.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: MDA)