Autopsy Prevented In Yerushalayim


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zaka.jpgThe streets of Meah Shearim were once again filled with burning dumpsters today, as hundreds of people staged a Hafganah against the possibility of an autopsy being carried out in Yerushalayim.

Apparently, a woman R”L choked while staying in a Yerushalayim hostel last night, and cops felt the need for an autopsy to be performed – to determine the cause of death. Representatives from the ZAKA organization had been frantically trying to persuade the authorities to just do an “external” examination of the Niftar, and not an autopsy.

Eventually, ZAKA’s legal team went to court to plea with a judge to stop the autopsy.

Boruch Hashem the judge listened to their pleas, and as of this time YWN is receiving word that no autopsy will take place.

(YWN / Lipas)


  1. Get those special xray machines for surveying the dead. Have the doctors strike when this happens, instead of the ‘wild folks’ burning dumpsters and going crazy. Guess there has not been any thing else of excitement to ‘let out the hormonal juices’.

  2. When in Rome do as the Romans. In every country there is a different language that’s understood. Over here- The only thing that works is force(unfortunately) and nothing has ever been accomplished by nice sweet words.

  3. the garbage dumpsters (on fire) have to do with the hafganot which were taking place BECAUSE of the autopsy. in israel, actually mea shearim, when the Yerushalmis want to protest they light garbage dumpsters on fire and roll them down the streets!!!

  4. for those who listen to “kol chai” radio in eretz yisroel, rabbi yisroel eichler (former MK) explained on his nightly radio show tonight that although it’s not right to burn garbage dumpsters, he remembers a case of an autopsy situation where thoe deciding told him that the dead person is not from “the garbage burning” community so theres no reason to even find a way around the need to autopsy. he wanted to say that the bottom line is that violence stops these things. sad but true.

  5. you both obviously don’t understand what goes on in eretz yisrael. It is most unfortunate that the only way the halacha gets listened to by the police is through a demonstration that blocks the city’s streets. the violence is caused by the police and the demonstrators respond. the demonstrations against autopsies are the only ones that ALL the rabbonim and roshei yeshivos stand behind. the methods used to get the job done are not the torah way but its the only way in this country.

  6. Perhaps the residents of Meah Shearim should spend less time incinerating garbage dumpsters and more time learning. The Nodeh b’Yehuda wrote a teshuva allowing an autopsy if it is done for a legitimate purpose. But we shouldn’t let such fine points get in the way of the fun and games of crearing a public spectacle and endangering a neighborhiid with acts of arson.

  7. you israelis have rationalized everything, from burning dumpsters to assaulting police, all in the name of kiddush hashem. Sorry, try another tactic.

  8. israel is known as one of the worst places in regards sactity of the dead – avoiding autopsies.
    in recen tyears there was a scandal that parts of soliders bodies were being removed without family consesnt.

    my uncle (who curently needs a major refua )is a vital person in Yerushalayim who for many years has worked behind the scenes with the officlas to try to stop the autopsies.

    in the 60’s my father used to make taharas with buckets of body parts- known as “tzuras haguf”- all in eretz yisroel. they even dressed a body -placed it in a wheelchair and roled it out of the hospital to avoid an autopsie. Read Lt Birinbaum book about the autopsies in Eretz Yisroel.

    its a shame- a country claiming to be jewish cannot respect the dead.

  9. Burning dumpsters,blowing up police cars and buses like the wild criminals do in uncivilized countries and USA is NOT going to bring Moshiach or rebuild the Bais haMikdash. IT IS ANTI-TORAH to do those things! Bal tashchis,geneiva,chillul Hashem,etc!!!!

  10. Ginsberg #1 – Theconnection between burning garbage cans and autopsies is that the former prevents the latter.
    Sayitlikeitis #20 – we do try other tactics – nothing else works. Re-ead post #7 by Mutche.

  11. What do you mean, “a random unknown woman”?? This is a Jewish neshamah!! I know her mother – now can I protest an unnecessary autopsy? If I were to identify the woman’s family, most yw readers would realize that you know them, too! And if we didn’t? What happened to the idea of Klal Yisrael helping each other, and meis mitzvah?
    If you would challilah ever be in trouble, Oncefrum, I would hope that you could turn to acheinu bnei Yisrael for help.

  12. Why is it the public’s business if someone sets fire to an anonymous dumpster??

    There are by and large, two groups of people that post here.
    1) Those that insist on the rule of law and it’s transgression bothers them, and
    2) those that insist on the rule of Torah and it’s transgression bothers them.

    The former are those, who had they been in living in Germany before the war would say we are Germans first and Jews second. Had they been living in America During the war, they would have said we cannot send food, aid, or money behind any lines to help starving Jews or to assist rescue efforts because the law does not permit it. Borrow money from locals and after the war we will pay you back. Such was told to Reb Michoel Ber Weissmandl as begged money to save Hungarian Jews at $50 a head. The American Jewish Federation which had 236 million on deposit at the time, could not violate the law and save half a million Hungarian Jews for 25 Million Dollars. Had he had the money in hand, it might have been much less.
    The latter, are bothered by the transgression of Torah law and not resigned to watch it unchallenged. The first group has to realize if the second group has what to protest, then the Jewish state, aside from the technicality of having a lot of jewish people in it, is no more a Jewish state than Miami is a Jewish city. By insisting on the rule of law, when the law is arbitrary, and does not bother a third person, i.e., an autopsy, x-rays or cat-scans can be made, blood can be drawn for toxicology reports, without slcing the body into pieces. (Yes that is what happens) There is no reason that jewish law cannot be respected, the same way it is respected in the United States, where respect for religious belief will preclude an autopsy, except in the rarest circumstances. The Or Hachaim Hakadosh asks: Why is the sentence “Lest the land spit you out” repeated in the end of Kidoshim, when it was already stated in the Achrei Mos? He answers: The religious should not think that the land will only spit out the non-religious, it will also spit out the religious because they did not protest properly. (al dilo mocheh k’diboy) The yidden in Gush Katif were moser nefesh for yishuv haaretz and it was thrown back in their face, to the extent that even the bais haKvuros was uprooted and moved, something that was never voluntarily done in Jewish history. But in the time leading up to the expulsion, who protested chillul Shabbos?? Who protested violations of the gedrei tznius??, who protested the sale of “steak lavan” in Jerusalem?? The misnachlim from Gush Katif?? NO! The kana’im not the misnachlim. And who protested the desecration of Jewish graves on kvish shesh?? The misnachlim?? NO, the kana’im. Why the kanaim? because the violation of Torah principles bothers them. The misnachlim thought the graves on kvish shesh were not their problem. The Ribono shel oilom should them differently, al dilo mocheh k’diboy.
    If you insist on the rule of law in such circumstances you must also admit that your “Jewish state”, is not a “Jewish” state.

    Kevlar suit ready, flame away.

  13. dear cantor…esq…whichever, do you think that the rabonim don’t know the noddah beyehudah?? they probably wouldv’e published it if they felt it was applicable…but thank you very much for sharing your “talmid chochumshaft” with the oilem. maybe instead of singing your opinion so much read the above comments and you’ll se why they have to “spend time incinerating garbage dumpsters” and do “fun and games of crearing a public spectacle and endangering a neighborhiid with acts of ‘arson’.” -in your opinion…

  14. to 11 & 12, amybe if you felt it wasn’t such a “random unknown woman” you’d understand better… and 11…..which nieghborhood did your “marrieds” live in again???

  15. #18, thanks for demonstrating that I’m right. After all if I were wrong, you would have emonstrated such based upon sources rather than try to portray me as just another am ha’aretz.

  16. matzahlocaol101
    So glad the club of the BLACK & WHITE are still in existence. Your sterotypes, lingo, and thought process is immature and intellecually dishonest.

  17. which nieghborhood did your “marrieds” live in again??? Comment by toastedtoaster
    One group in Bayit Vegan, which is known to all as a neighborhood that ‘derachaha darchei noam” – move there if you want to live in a Torah frum kehilla, another in Givat Shaul, neither are areas of kanoim B”H.

  18. bklynmom,

    As a mature individual, I am sure you can find more appropriate ways to express disagreement than by personal attacks on the writer.

    Terming another’s argument “immature and intellectually dishonest” does nothing to present your alternative point of view, if you do indeed have one.