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All Flights from Ben-Gurion Airport to NY Area Cancelled

The rapidly approaching Hurricane Sandy moving into the Greater NYS area is not only impacting the East Coast of the United States, but has resulted in the cancellation of flights to the NYC area airports from Ben-Gurion International Airport.

United and Delta Airlines have already officially notified passengers of the flight cancellations. Thousands of Israelis planning a trip along with American tourists are stranded and there is no sign as to when the flights will resume.

There were 700 passengers on two El Al flights that left during the night, the eve of 13 Cheshvan 5773, and the flight set for the morning with 300 passengers was canceled. Those passengers were told they may use their tickets until November 4, 2012.

United announces all flights to NY from Tel Aviv are canceled for today as well as tomorrow, 14 Cheshvan.

Cancelled Flights Include (As per airport website flight departure schedule)
October 29, 2012
1.    EL AL LY007 to NY
2.    United 085 to Newark
3.    US Air 797 to Philadelphia
4.    United 091 to Newark
October 30, 2012
1.    EL AL LY027 to Newark
2.    EL AL LY001 to NY
3.    United 085 to Newark

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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