IDF Soldier Injured In Crash After Chareidim Throw Stones At His Vehicle


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An IDF soldier was driving his vehicle on Rabbi Elazar Street in Ramat Beit Shemesh on Monday, 21 Teves, during the morning hours. He was attacked with rocks and trash thrown by thugs in chareidi garb. As a result, he lost control of the vehicle and struck a pole.

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yitchak Levinger, who runs a store located two streets away from the incident, was the first responder at the scene.

“When I arrived I found a young man, 18 or 19 years old who was highly agitated and pale after the car he was driving in had been attacked, according to his statement, by a group of charedim. The assailants had thrown rocks and bags of trash at his car and screamed at him. He lost control of his vehicle and his car slammed into a lamppost resulting in serious damage to his vehicle. Luckily, he sustained only light injuries in the form of lacerations to his face. After the accident, his car was surrounded by a bunch of people acting crazy. I approached the car and calmed the driver down, I treated his wound and stayed with him until the police and ambulance team arrived.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)



  2. This is outrageous. These people are certainly obligated to pay the five forms of payment mentioned in the Gemorah. But what do these sick lunatics know about Torah. Shame on the entire Torah world for not condemn this behavior. Just remember who is protecting you and allows you to sit and learn in safety. These people have to be stopped. If they would actually open a Sefer they would know that this behavior is a Chilull HAshem. What would they do if Chas Vshalom the soldier would have gotten even more seriously injured or worse. Not a proud moment for Jewish people.

  3. Student: ” Rabbi, how do you explain religious Gd fearing people that act this way?”
    Rabbi: “The same way i explain religious Gd fearing people that eat on yom kipur”
    Student: “Rabbi what are you talking about someone who eats on yom kipur isn’t religious!”
    Rabbi: “Exactly”

  4. I wonder how effective a soldier is, if he cant defend himself against his co-religionists that are civilians and are not armed with traditional weapons.

  5. To the YWN moderator – why write “Charedim” when we all know that they are extemeist and a very small minority

    Why not write “extremestst”???

    I live in a Charedi neighborhood in Yeryshalaim Ir HAkodesh and am ofended by this!!

  6. Just like I see in an article lower down where u wrote about hose Chardim who demonstrated beore Gafne’s hpuse

    Then u call yourself ‘Yehiva world”??/

    I am wating to see if u will actually publicize my posts or just change the heading of the article or remove it – What will it be?

  7. Yerushalmit. Apparent you have s problem calling s spade a spade. Ywn has every right valling them charefim when for all intensive purposes are charedim.

  8. mayerfreund – there is a mark above the driver’s door and on the front edge, towards the bottom of the door heightwise, of the back door

  9. We are living in a time at which acts of violence by members of the charedi community against other Jews have become an almost daily occurrence. And while most of these acts of violence are committed by the extremist fringes of the charedi community, violence by charedim against other Jews has become so commonplace that it occasionally spills over to the mainstream charedi community as well (I’ll mention Ponevzh as an example, vd”l). It is time to stop burying our heads in the sand and to recognize that we have a real and growing problem that must be seriously addressed.

  10. I am sorry to say this but no one that matters says anything against this,we Americans get frustrated how can someone who keeps torah and mitzvos(yes they keep shabbes and eat kosher)throw rocks on another Jew but at the end of the day nobody that matters says anything against this,they are actually happy about it,The more they fight back the less chances of them getting drafted to the army

  11. “mdg, if he believes in what he is fighting for he should ve.”

    He does believe. He’s fighting for Jewish lives. He’s moser nefesh for it.