Jewish Agency Falsified Conversion Docs For Non-Jewish Venezuelans Making Aliya


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Israeli immigration authorities have arrested a Jewish Agency worker upon his arrival at Ben Gurion airport on Wednesday morning..

The man is suspected of providing fraudulent aliya permits to dozens of Venezuelan citizens who wished to emigrate to Israel as Jews, despite the fact that they had undergone bogus conversion – and was aware that they not Jewish.

According to a Ynet report, the suspect initially denied the allegations, but later confessed to the accusations. He told police that the rabbi who converted some of the Venezuelan aliya applicants indeed seemed to be “unreliable,” and that the latter explained he wanted to complete the process quickly.

The man received a sum of money for every sliya permit that he issued.



  1. I hope someone in the Jewish Agency is working with the appropriate officials in the Rabbanut to make sure that these “Olim” are properly designated as non-Jews.

  2. not enough fake russians ukranians etc. many are pure anti semites. now venezuelans??????? no wonder the are so many swastikas painted on shuls in israel? may hashem protect us.

  3. Unfortunately, nothing new here. This is going on not only in Israel, but here in the US. Many of those who emigrated to the US came with the help of Jewish organizations, and just said they were Jewish to get the free tickets and stipends to help them get started in the US.

    Many were/are not Jewish at all. Many had Jewish fathers, but not Jewish mothers. Many of their children are being brought up as Jewish kids, and are not aware that their maternal grandparents were not Jewish and thus they are not Jewish either.

    These kids are in our Yeshivos, and making shiduchim with our kids.

    That is why many responsible rabbonim will not be mesader kiddushin today without a good chakira into the lineage of both the chosson’s and the kallah’s families.

    The tragedy continues even deeper. Many conversions, are not kosher. Even many done by Orthodox rabbonim are not kosher. Rov Moshe was clear in his shaylos and teshuvos, if the person who is megayer is just going through the motions, and has no real, honest intention of keeping the halachos, the giyur is null and void.

    There are unfortunately, many cases where a woman was megayer to get married, told the rabbonim she would be frum, but then in private never kept the mitzvahs. Unfortunately her kids are not Jewish. Her giyur was nothing. I am not talking about one whose intention was good, but then was caught up by her Yeitzer Horah. Her giyur is good. Rather I am talking about the ones who were really never M’Kabel ol Torah.

    It is VERY important today to do a thorough chakira into a person’s lineage before agreeing to be mesader kiddushin today.

    I know of two cases, where the MeSader KITTIN discovered during his chakira, that the wife was not Jewish! The husbands of many years were not aware that they were married to a non-Jewish woman. One had 6 kids in Yeshiva, the other had 8! One was already married. Can you imagine the heartbreak to these kids, finding out they are not Jewish!

    Maybe we need some sort of “Jewish ID Card” (smile) that we get after a very thorough investigation. But, whatever it is, we need to do something… especially be aware of this issue.
    [today, especially important with Jewish Shidduch services online, popular with those beyond regular shidduch age, where people are meeting other “Yidden” from other states/towns, and do not get to know the families. You meet someone today, get a recommendation from their local rabbi, who only knows him or her for 5 or 6 years…. not their lineage.] Caveat emptor