SHOCKING VIDEO: Religious Girls Attacked By Young Men While Walking Through Meah Shearim


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Two religious girls, residents of the Musrara neighborhood, walked through the streets of Meah Shearim on Tuesday night and were attacked by dozens of young men who threw rocks and other objects at them. The young men cursed and screamed insults as the girls walked to their neighborhood.

The two girls had inadvertently walked near a protest by a fringe group of Chareidim who were protesting the alledged enlistment of a Baalas Tshuvah into the IDF.

At some point, young men from the protest began shouting “Shiksa” and “Get out of here you are impure” at the girls. When one of the girls pushed a protester who was accosting her, the situation escalated and the girls were chased down the street.

A witness said it appeared to him that the girls were looking for “action”. “At the beginning, when no one paid attention to them they went back to Kikar Shabbos, the center of the protest. They called another person to accompany them and when he arrived the real fight began.”

Dozens of young men chased after the girls, surrounded them and threw stones and other items, whatever was at hand, at the girls. The violent gang claimed that the girl were dressed inappropriately.

VIDEO VIA: מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Very sad that people would act this way, but nevertheless it seems from the video that girls instigating this. I know no to walk into places that I’m not wanted and if I do its only to get some attention. I mean as per the Meah Shearim Standards and even ours here in america those girls were not dressed so fine. Not terrible but enough to know this would be coming.

  2. no excuse…but not simple as you say….did you see mode of dress? you call ‘religious girls ‘? dress halfway above knee. in meah sheurim??

  3. It’s patently idiotic for a witness to comment on the girl’s motives, suggesting they were “looking for action.” Those two could be anyone’s sem daughters and that band of pushtakim is a disgraceful representation of Klal Yisroel.

  4. @shimen Clearly a deranged person. Nebach. What is your name for Tehillim?

    First of all, who gave anyone the right to decide who can walk somewhere and who cant?
    Second of all, shut your EYES if you don’t want to see something.
    Third of all, the ANIMALS who at throwing things and chasing these girls down the streets are as bad as you are. Kanoyim in public, and the worst of the worst filthiest menuvalim on the plant in the dark of night. THE WORST.

    No ehricher yid would EVER condone this despicable disgusting behavior. Chayos ra’os mammish. behaimos.

    And finally, the same reshoyim who decided to “protest” because allegedly a “baales teshuva” was drafted to the IDF (which probably never happened in the first place), probably wears the very same length skirt as these two girls. Yet you and your ilk have no issues protesting on behalf of that girl, but when you see these two girls, you condone throwing rocks at them?

    And if you REALLY gave a hoot about saving these two Neshamos, I can assure you that this is not the route.

    You people are a bunch of thugs and animals.

    It’s Purim time, and when these behaimos show up in my Shul and block, I will run them out of town. I’ve had enough.


  5. Despicable behavior, we need a community center or recreation center open at night to keep these boys off the street and out of trouble.Their homes are cramp and crowded so they spend evenings hanging on the street unsupervised and at times acting like packs of animals.

  6. This is a public street and the girls are wearing long sleeves and high collars. At some point, police need to really squash these truly dredges of society…..they are and should be treated as terrorists. Imposing real physical tsar may be the only deterrent.

  7. Aside from the two who were attacked, I can see no other females in the streets. And that is strange for many reasons, not the least of which is that most of the attackers look like it is past their bedtime and they need their mommy to put them to bed.

  8. If these boys are so holy, they should be spending their time in the beis hamedrash and learning. These are hooligans who are laydig gayers, and their protests are both bitul Torah and chilul Hashem. They are the real bizayon here, not the girls. B”H none of my children are in E”Y today. If I ever caught my kid participating in this kind of despicable activity, his days in E”Y would end immediately, and I would change his chinuch to something that would guide him toward Kiddush Hashem. Probably therapy, too.

  9. With every passing year charedi hooligans become more numerous and more violent and Mea Shearim becomes ever closer to resembling Gaza.

    american_yerushalmi – You are absolutely correct. People like that wouldn’t even make it through the IDF’s preliminary psych evaluation.

  10. Very sad to see Jews acting like this. What these boys are not aware of is their lack of midos and lack of chashivus for Limud HaTorah places them on the same low madrega as these girls that out dressing outside the guidelines of Halacha. These girls are in violation of dressing inappropriate and the boys are in violation of Sinas Chinum and Bital Torah B’Meizid. All of them need to reexamine their their true focus on life.

    BTW – in my humble opinion it does not appear from the video that these girls instigated this incident; at least not b’meized.

  11. Bizarre why these girls are being labeled religious. Who is doing the labeling? The girls themselves? Who were busy filming on their iphones?
    Note that they are the only females in the area. They didn’t “accidentally” find themselves in the middle of a hafganah. Anyone within a few blocks knows there’s a hafganah going on, and any truly religious female makes sure to stay away, as all truly religious females apparently did here. These 2 provocateurs, cameras (ultra-religious iphones) in hand, knew exactly where they were going and had plenty of time to turn back.
    So, for all the high-minded responders, what would be the correct response if you are standing in a crowd of men, and 2 immodestly-dressed girls push their way into the crowd. Oh, you just shut your eyes, of course? And say, “poor girls, they had no idea what was going on?”
    Of course violence is wrong. I am not condoning what happened. But to whitewash the girls’ behavior?

  12. To everyone saying they weren’t tznius—so what if they weren’t? It’s a public street and according to Israeli law they can walk there in shorts and sleeveless shirts. This is no different from Muslims in Europe who make “no-go zones” because they think they’re above the rules. If you want to live in a country where women can’t walk down the street because “they should know there’s a hafgana going on”, go found a country on an island and make that the law.

  13. And this is *precisely* why I am against the practice of erasing and pixelating women from magazines. Because it teaches people-children- that women have an obligation to stay hidden at whatever expense. I’ve been saying this for so long, but for some reason people choose to look away from the harm that is being done.

  14. Those girls walking in mini skirts through Meah Shearim is asking for trouble. the residents have a right to protest against people who they don’t like going through their streets. I give those boys a lot of credit for standing up for their neighborhood’s standards of tznius. Ubiarta harah mikirbecha!

    @ ferd. Every time I read your comments I see them filled with personal insults, and talking like a mad man.
    Just from reading your comment here I can clearly imagine you doing the same acts as the people in this video if you lived in Meah Shearim. This is what you wrote, quote: “when these behaimos show up in my Shul and block, I will run them out of town. I’ve had enough.” who gave you the right to decide who can walk in your shul and block and who cant? (similar to your own words defending the girls) It’s clear you’re a hypocrite! I think you should look in the mirror and start saying Tehilim for yourself instead.

  15. Shame on the boys, shame on the girls and shame on the biased article. And good for the guy without a yalmuka stepping in the middle. Sad that he is the one with the most sense in all of this.

  16. Yehudah;
    Are you being deliberately dense?? These are PUBLIC STREETS in EY, not Theran or kabul. They are wearing normal clothing that is long sleeve and high neck. It may not be a full length hajib but again, these animals in MS have no right to dicate to ANYONE how to dress. Presumably, when your wife or your daughters are similiaryly assaulted you will be giving them musar because they deserved what they got for not dressing correctly.

  17. I was was in isreal for over a year a short while ago. These girls ask for it they want to antagonize the bouchrim and they think the bouchrim won’t do anything back. now I’m not saying the bouchrim are correct their as much a dissruption to the public and the biggest leitzim the world has to offer. But these girls are asking for it it’s like a little a little guy starting a fight against 20 other guys i wont pity him so they deserve no pity.

  18. Well, I bet you it’s the iPhones.

    Extremism is taking over in many factions of Klal Yisrael. I have seen much worse passing Meah Shearim and no one even blinked. Only if it was real pritzus did one say something…

  19. To all those who think ‘the girls asked fo it”, I guess you live in dark caves and are clueless as to whats happening around the world today (#meto etc)……fortunately, the courts and police in EY have woken up and even many of the most chashuve rabbonim in EY have spoken out strongly against this kind of abusive behavior. Please feel free to be abusive to women you think you “control” , but don’tbe surprised if you join the record number of ehrlihe yidden in EY that were either imprisoned last year for verbal and physical assault against women or required by the courts to receive mental health counseling or anger management treatment.

  20. Whether they were dressed appropriately or not appropriately this is a disgusting way to act on their part. This is definitely not a way that will bring them closer to Judaism. I’m so sorry that I left Israel already last week instead of being there at that time as it would’ve knocked them out one by one for starting with these girls. They should be walking away and doing something with their lives like learning Torah?

  21. Forget the “adults” for a second. Notice the little shrutz right at the beginning of the video , kicking and then throwing an object at the girl. Notice the other young shrutzim “protesting.” Isn’t it sickening?

  22. The girls were looking for trouble as evidenced by their return. On the other hand the so called chareidim were also very wrong.
    Why are they called Peleg Yerushalayim?

    Because they are the Yerushalayim remnant of the “Dor Haflaga”.

  23. It wasnt just the girls they were attacking but the men also who stood up for them. If this was me getting boxes thrown at me and cursed at, I would take off my jacket, rip all these obnoxious kids heads off, and not stop until I finished off every single one of them. Pure disgust! They attack Yidden more than goyim! And then Yidden ask why Moshiach isnt here! Imagine how this is seen by the Aibershter above us all!!!

  24. This video makes me sick to the stomach.It is sad that this video has to be put out,but obviously ,one wants to show to what extreme ,these extremists will go.
    If only these young kids looking for hot action,would find their passion in learning Torah.
    Let us pray that all of us have the wisdom to do the right things,and not things that will just hurt us as a people.

  25. 35 years ago I used to volunteer with Meiz Shuster zt”l placing young people “off the Wall” with families for Shabbos meals. Amongst our hosts were families in Meah Shorim and Geulah. After dark on leil Shabbos we would conduct groups of young men and women through the narrow alleyways where they would be welcomed into homes where some of the hosts spoke not a word of English. But warm hearts and hot food filled the gap and the young people left with positive impressions of our Torah. They would carry those impressions back with them as they walked, without any escort, often in mixed groups, back to wherever they were staying.

    I guess times have changed. I wonder why?

  26. These “very religious boys” amaze me.
    If they are so religious & holy, how do they see these girls & how do they see what they’re wearing?
    Both sides were looking for trouble & the girls got exactly what they wanted publicity & to show how these low lifes are so 2 faced that it’s very easy “to turn the boys on”.

  27. Between the boys and the girls, I feel worse for the boys. I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated the way the girls were treated but they don’t seem too traumatized in the video so I’m assuming they’ll be fine.

    It’s the boys I feel worse for. These boys were not born tzaddikim. They were born with the same yetzer hara as everyone else and yet they’re expected to act like tzaddikim. Many of the families are extremely poor to the extent that they don’t know if there will be food in their house today or tomorrow and every pastime is taken away from them. They are restricted from almost anything that can be considered enjoyable, including all sports and even eating in a restaurant. The only outlet they are permitted to partake in is protests. It is only natural that kids as pent up as these boys are, with no permissible outlets, would engage in violent protests.

    The girls in the video will be fine. It’s the boys I’m worried about. I hope that these boys remain religious because they seem miserable given their lifestyle and as they get older they will realize that they have been lied to because kicking a ball in a field is not only enjoyable, but it won’t make them be struck by lightening. Hopefully the fear of being socially ostracized and cut off from their families won’t prevent them from making healthier choices for them and for their children.

  28. I just want to add. My relative was a street boy in Meah Shearim about 10 years ago and he said that the boys doing the protests at that time, throwing things at girls and the like, a lot of the time were not actually religious. I’m not sure if that changed but it furthers my point but these boys clearly don’t have Cheshek in learning Torah and they need pleasure, except that they are forbidden from anything pleasurable so the only thing they can do is violently protest when it seems that someone is allowed to engage in enjoyable activities. If they didnt want to have outlets, they wouldn’t care that these girls do.

    These boys are normal but they’re suffering and , unfortunately, when someone is suffering in a big way, you expect some level of violence and anger coming from them.

  29. I heard rumours that even girls in skirts around the knees could get stones thrown at in meah. Shearm I didn’t think it may be true. These were just 2 teen girls in skirts around the knees what happened to dracheha. Darchei. No am! And the need to make kiddish hashes and avoid chillul hashem they looked scared as the 2 girls were walking attacked by a mob! What if they were balos teshuva? Would this mekariv
    Them or merachek them!

  30. While I definetely think the way those boys acted towards those girls is HORRIBLE. However, I find it a little weird that they managed to film it all like that. I think the girls did something first and then put the camera on. I think someone above said they were pushing through the crowd. That is hardly innocent.

  31. Obviously the behavior shown is counter to the Torah and all it teaches us but in the interest of truth the full context should be provided. According to other reports “a short time later, other eyewitnesses added, the girls returned to the site flanked by two more girls and a bike-riding boy, and tensions erupted anew”

  32. Shocking !
    This is how the Nazis used to harass the Jews. Throw them out of Israel and ship them to an Arab country where they will appreciate where they are !.
    I never had hate for Hassidism in my life and this has brought the reality of who they are. Even Muslims don’t behave towards each other as has demonstrated here. Not being religious, how could they pray to God if they themselves have no concept of mercy or respect for other people.?

  33. This chaos is all consistent when we have stopped being Torah true Jews, and are obsessed with trivia. No, I am not minimizing tznius. But someone else’s shortcomings in tznius are not my business. My job is shmiras einayim. And if I am busy learning in yeshiva, what I was sent there for, this would be a non-issue. I wish every one of these thugs difficulty getting a shidduch, until they decide to become followers of HKB”H and His Torah, not the policemen that attack other Yidden while pretending to be holy. I would never accept any of these bums for my children.

  34. Did you see what triggered this reaction from the boys?! No, you did not! So stop commenting when you it know half of the story.

    And of course, it’s a shame that these girls/women are not respectful of those living in the area. It doesn’t matter that it’s in Israel and not Tehran. People need to be respectful of the local residents and respect their culture wherever in the world they live.

  35. Offensive and shameful. Notice how that mob was held off twice by a single chiloni — bad middos and absurd behavior.
    When the Yerushalmi schnorrers starts their one-month long pilgrimage to the NY area to afford us the opportunity to give them tzedakah (we hope!), I will ask each of them to view a photo of that mob and tell me how they feel. For those who are sent away empty-handed because they are not outraged, let them bring the word back to their minions.

  36. I believe that most Jews today are not from religious backgrounds. There are a lot today who are not counted as they come from purely secular backgrounds and have never even been in a Synagogue at all. There is a great deal of hatred towards the religious and ultra-religious for reasons I never really understood. Then I saw this article, video, and people in the comments making all sorts of excuses. This drives a lot of people away to scientology, to buddhism, and whatever forms of popular and hip philosophies. Being a latecomer, I thank various English publishers for making available and showing me that these are nothing but watered down nonsense.

    I’ve known nothing before my mid-30’s when I started to learn. Even I know enough that you don’t go around attacking Jews. And you especially won’t gain much favor attacking young Jewish girls. I don’t care what they were doing. The commentators here are suggesting they shouldn’t have walked down the street. This does not garner any support anywhere. This is not America, where in the ghettos women walk around in only their underwear at night. I do not buy the comparisons, and you cannot make an equivocal case that these girls walking down the street are similar. Frankly, no one else does.
    I must’ve missed the tractate where there are no-go zones on public streets for girls. This doesn’t look like the “women of the wall” group to me.

    This is egregious, and shameful. Not only does any learned individual see how erroneous these people are to act in this manner, but this drives an even greater wedge in people who are obsessively secular as well. This outlandish nonsense creates too much evil to even contemplate. The only positive here is that outside of Israel, no one sees this garbage to make the jobs of Chabad Rabbi’s, or book publishers that much more difficult.

  37. The girls were probably calling their friends to come and meet them back on Strauss street and then accompany and protect them so they could reach their homes in Musrara .The girls are dressed in what the dati leumi religious consider modest but not obviously up to frum standards.These boys shouldn’t be allowed to hang out on the streets unsupervised and harassing young girls like this!

  38. That’s not the way to be mekarev someone. If the girls are deliberately walking there, knowing their skirts are too short, maybe someone with seichel could talk to them nicely and try to be mekarev them. Acting the way they did on this video only makes people turn away from frumkeit.

  39. There’s something I don’t understand. I was in MS the same day – I often go shopping there. Yes, I was fully covered up, with stockings, with a sheitel, with a mid-length skirt, but I had my smartphone out. Nobody said a word. I drive along the streets – nothing. I have seen tourists, especially in the summer, half naked, strolling casually down MS & NOBODY has even looked in their direction.

    So where did all these crazies come from? Do they prowl the streets at night looking for action? Were these girls “agent provocateurs” or were they simply stupid? But to be really honest, my impression is the troublemaker was the girl in the mini skirt. I am not excusing these thugs, far from it, but what caused such a huge crowd of obnoxious people to stalk them like that?

    I really believe that there should be 24 hour police presence in strategic sections there. Not women: that is really stupid. But men with guns, men who aren’t afraid to wade in and arrest the troublemakers. And please… put a few by the Mir so I can drive down there without hitting these guys who just walk in the street like they own it.

  40. My friend was there: the girls were bothering boys and touching them before the video was taken…would all the anti-semites/anti-chreidi, like to apologize for the mean comments about yeshiva bochurim?

  41. This video hs gone viral and was shown Wednesday on cable news in the UK. For the average Brit, I suspect they probably thought the episoe occurred in some back alley in Theran or Kabul so not to worry (unless of course the news anchor is from Gateshead who might have been tipped off by the “Sheeeeeeksaaa” soundtrack).

    In reality, , I suspect that a goo percentage of these animals who attacked the girls will not be around in a few years (prison, OTDs, drug abuse and other “sfuff” that will get them of the streets).

  42. Throwing garbage and boxes at girls is permissible?
    This is a chillul H’.
    What will they do if their daughters r’l have issues with tznius? Throw garbage at them as well??

  43. This is disgusting these boys have no manners.
    Is this what their parents and yeshivot teach them. What an embarrassment.
    These boys belong in the IDF. Learn manners you don’t call a Jew a name.
    They were drest fine a

  44. The mainstream press doesn’t tell you about the Chiloni violence:

    Rampaging Rascals Return to Kiryah
    Chadash: Beit Shemesh Weekly Issue 954, 23 Shvat 08/02/2018

    Bullies and burglars disturbed the restful Shabbos atmosphere in two Beit Shemesh neighborhoods this week. In the Kiryah Hachareidit, youths from Moshav Zanoach did not heed past weeks’ warnings and intimidated young children. In RBS Gimmel, a rash of audacious burglaries victimized six apartments in one evening. Although the incidents in question took place at two ends of the City and at different times of the day, there is one connection. Beit Shemesh residents are beginning to question their sense of personal security and call for a greater police presence in and around their neighborhoods. It is untenable for young families in RBS Gimmel to fear spending Shabbos outside the neighborhood out of concern for the loss of their personal property, or to spend such a Shabbos in constant worry as to what they might find upon their return home. It is likewise unconscionable for residents of a neighborhood that has been a safe area for children for two decades to fear allowing boys and girls outside on Shabbos afternoon.

    Last week’s Hebrew edition of Chadash reported on the recent phenomena of youths from Moshav Zanoach acting out on the streets of the Kiryah Chareidit. The youths, accompanied by intimidating dogs and waving sticks, set their dogs upon innocent passersby and chased the fleeing victims, shouting invectives along the way . These invectives include “Stinking Cliareidim,” “Go get drafted!” and others. The incidents have been recorded on the surveillance cameras of local homes and businesses. In one case, a young boy who was not afraid of the dogs was assaulted by the youths, receiving injuries that required medical attention. After the incidents had become a weekly occurrence, several residents lodged a complaint at the Beit Shemesh Police Station against the juvenile offenders last week.

    Despite having been questioned by the police and confronted with the incriminating footage of their behavior, the youths did not discontinue their mischievous activities. On the contrary – they returned this past Shabbos fortified with additional weapons including pepper spray and knives, and repeated their actions of previous weeks. Local residents organized to greet them and an altercation ensued. The youths, fearing that they had the lower hand in this encounter, fled the Kiryah Hcharedeidit and summoned police and ambulances. According to one eyewitness, they told the authorities that they had been out for an innocent stroll in the neighborhood, when a band of marauding Chareidim suddenly attacked them without any provocation on their parts. The eyewitness relates, “The police arrived prepared, in light of the complaint that had been filed. A quick search of the youths’ pockets revealed pepper spray and knives. Five of the youths were detained and transported to the Police Station, while one was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. After their interrogations, the juveniles received a restraining order banishing them from Beit Shemesh for a period of fifteen days.

    One of the youths’ mothers verbally accosted local residents who arrived at the Police Station after Shabbos to file additional complaints to those of the previous week. Some choice gems included, “We ought to kill you all!” “Why does the world need Chareidim anyway?” and “I will ensure that any Chareidi ‘who comes to Zanoach will not leave there alive.” Apparently, the apple does not fall far from the tree … Several Zanoach residents told Chadash that this group of youths and the mother quoted above do not represent the prevailing sentiments in their small, pastoral community, where the overwhelming majority of residents observe the sanctity of Shabbos.

    Residents of the Kiryah Hachareidit hope that the police will use the resources at their disposal and the incriminating footage to put an end to the hooliganism and restore the serenity that has characterized Shabbos in their neighborhood for the past twenty years of its existence. A Police press release informed the public, “In light of complaints that have been filed, an investigation has been opened, in the course of which several suspects have been questioned and released with restrictive conditions. The nvestigation is still ongoing. For the protection of privacy and in light of the involvement of minors, we cannot provide any more details at this point.”

  45. Those of you that said the girls were dressed modestly or that that mode of dress is acceptable according to Dati leumi standards: both those statements are incorrect.
    One girl was wearing a mid-thigh mini skirt. That is not considered modest in any frum circle and certainly not in the dati leumi world. The girls wear knee length skirts, though they do not necessarily cover their lower legs. It’s a different interpretation of what “shok haregel” refers to. Some may not comply with these standards but that is not a reflection on the derech itself but rather on the persons compliance with its standards.
    The chareidi dati leumi cover legs fully.
    This does not contradict my former post that throwing garbage at girls (for immodest dress or ANY reason) is not acceptable.
    True, we do not really know what occurred prior to this video, but hopefully, we can all agree that throwing garbage would not be the right response.

  46. > funnybone
    ” girls were bothering boys and touching them ”

    You mean the “boys” were blocking the streets and the girls could only get through by pushing aside the blockers?

  47. > rbstruthseeker

    The demonstration, allegedly against some draft, was already happening, so the “filmers” (and with cell phones around there are plenty, aside from hobbyists and semi-professionals who show up just to film demonstrations) were already on the spot filming the alleged anti-draft demonstration. So it would have been a ,lot more suspicious if this did not get captured on video as a side-affect of the filmers.

  48. > philosopher February 8, 2018 12:13 pm at 12:13 pm
    “Did you see what triggered this reaction from the boys?! ”

    Unless you are claiming that these girls, aside from pushing those blocking the street out of their way, also physically assaulted (broke windows, stole property, bashed skulls, shot someone or the like) then there is absolutely no justification what-so-ever to do anything more than to just ignore them. They are naked? Ignore them (or at most give them something to wear). They scream at you? ignore them, or at most call the police. etc.

  49. If there is anyone that holds that the thuggish, violent, and offensive reaction is a part of the mitzvah of shmiras einayim, they are completely mistaken. How about staying in the beis hamedrash and learning? How about oloking away? That’s what all of us who live in golus do. We cannot control the streets. We go where we have to, and guard our eyes. These disgraceful boys and men need to engage in what the seforim teach about shmiras einayim, regardless of whether the women in the clip are complying with the proper standards of tznius. The mitzvah, if witnessing a violation of halacha, is הוכח תוכיח. There is not a single source in Torah for reacting with violence or disgrace.

  50. georgeg

    When I see videos of men/bocurim blocking roads, screaming at soldiers, etc. that’s a clear picture of aggression and I’m against that.

    However, having visited Israel recently, I have seen how soldiers too can provoke Chareidim. In my opinion, both sides love the action. I’ve also seen girls being provocative and loud in public. How do you know if these girls in the video didn’t scream at the crowd or deliberately try to push through ( not to go their own way but to go within the crowd) , they could’ve screamed and insulted the boys, etc. You only see the REACTION of the boys. The boys are young kids, it is understandable that they will react to provocation. And even if they weren’t young, only mature men, this is Israel where nobody stays quiet when they’re insulted or harrased.

    There’s plenty of harrasement by the chilonim or half chilonim against frum people. It’s hateful to bashing a crowd of drum Yidden without knowing both sides of the story. I’d like to know what happened before the boys started screaming at the girls.

  51. why is everyone arguing whether the girls were tsniout or not??? It still doesn’t excuse all these guys that harass and attack 2 Jewish girls walking in the streets peacefully, it’s not as if they’re completely immodest and outright uncovered

    people who are saying that the girls provoked have nothing to do. Keep trolling online and spreading hate.
    YW comment section is filled with users that only like to instigate

  52. > YTAB February 9, 2018 6:47 am at 6:47 am
    “==Throwing garbage and boxes at girls is permissible?==”
    “yes it is when the whole thing is a setup”

    That has the same significance as saying that adultery is permissible because the woman is a whore. Instead, I was taught that exactly because “it is a setup” (or the person is whore) is the reason more than ever to take care NOT fall into the trap.

  53. > MTAB

    Can’t find anything in the English language media about the incident you describe. But during my search I found article from at least the year 2011 to and including up to December 2017 where police (and also soldiers) in Beit Shemesh were attacked by the “Hareidi” themselves. Maybe they have ti take some blame (as to lack of police presence) for their own behaviour?

    But further to the point, certain areas in Beit Shemesh are known (and well documented) to have violent attacks (requiring hospitalization) against civilians whom they deem not appropriate for any reason. Maybe these youths were taking revenge on behalf someone they knew who had been so miserably treated?

  54. Shame to see Jews fighting amongst each other, if you go to ba’al teshuva movements you’ll see that all jew’s are accepted the way they are, trying to change someone is done through love and not hate, let us all live together in peace..

  55. Part of being a true yirai shamyim is to have good midos. These boys are clearly not doing the right thing! this is what can make kids go off the derech! What a disgrace!