Rav Edelstein Convenes Vaad Kehillos Ahead Of Bein Hazmanim


Neighborhood and community rabbonim from the Litvish tzibur gathered under instruction from HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein to discuss the decline during bein hazmanim seen over recent years. The rabbonim stressed that talmidim during their break must remain committed to tefilla b’tzibur, and to distance themselves, not to vacation in places that are not kosher for them.

Rav Edelstein added this must be done in the framework of chizuk as a ben torah must not chas v’sholom lose his path during the weeks away from the beis medrash. A talmid must also act accordingly and not engage in activities that are prohibited year-round.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These extended “bein hazmanim” vacations pose real issues for some of the bochurim who don’t have family in EY and cannot return home for economic reasons. I am not familiar with how various yeshivos arrange things but do they have programs to keep their yungerleit occupied and out of trouble?

  2. Perhaps some thought should also be given to the length of bein hazmanim and the appropriateness for our times. We are not living in 19th century Lithuania and do not need two weeks travel time by horse and wagon each way to return home and back. What about giving an extra off or two shabbos throughout the year and 5-7 day before pesach and a day or two afterward? The current system is asking for trouble