Lapid A Key Witness Against PM Netanyahu In Case 1000


According to the report, the Israel Police recommended that the State Prosecutor’s Office indict Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for bribery offenses in cases 1000 and 2000, Channel Ten News reported, adding that the key state witness in case 1000, dealing with alleged bribery, will be opposition MK Yair Lapid.

According to the report, during Lapid’s tenure as finance minister, Netanyahu tried to promote an amendment to the State of Israel’s tax law in favor of [billionaire Arnon] Milchan, an amendment that would have saved Milchan tens of millions.

The prime minister allegedly accepted costly gifts from Milchan in case 1000, which Mr. Netanyahu insists were just gifts from a good friend. Police however explain there is no mutuality, and true friends exchange gifts, but here, Mr. Netanyahu only received without giving.

Case 2000 pertains to an alleged deal that began in 2009, between PM Netanyahu and Yediot Achronot owner and publisher Arnon Mozes. Mr. Netanyahu allegedly received good coverage by Yediot in exchange for assisting Mozes in backing legislation intended in weakening Yediot’s main competitor, Yisrael Hayom.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)