Fogel Family Survivors Sue For NIS 400 Million In Damages

The Murdered Fogel Family of Blessed Memory. What can you do to help? 1. Copy and paste this Album everywhere ..... ...Facebook, blogs, news outlets, etc. ...Israelis already know about this. Let everyone all over the world know about this attack. 2. If you have a Twitter account, get this trending. Use #nomoremurderedbabies as the hashtag. Get everyone you know who cares doing the same thing. Here are news sources to mention to on twitter ..... @Reuters @nytimes @cnn @mashable @breaking @keitholbermann @bbcbreaking @todayshow 4. Contact the White House. Let Obama know that you do not feel that a nation who hands out candy at the news of babies’ murders deserves any support or siding with against Israel. Contact Bibi Netanyahu. Tell him that you will no longer accept his policy of appeasement and that the Palestinians must be punished for this act of war. Paying lip service will not be enough this time. Killing those terrorists will not be enough this time. A beastly Arab should never be allowed to waltz into someone’s home and murder tiny babies in cold blood because of political concerns. 5. Start and/or go to the demonstrations against this ghastly crime and the Israeli concessions that encouraged it. Please add comments on Facebook with the locations of demonstrations in your area. 6. If you’re in Israel, go to the funeral. The funeral for these holy souls will be held at Har HaMenuchot, Jerusalem, Sunday March 13th at 1:30 PM

Seven years after the bloody massacre in Itamar, Tamar Fogel and her family are claiming NIS 400 million from the terrorists and those responsible. The Fogel family submitted a lawsuit to the Jerusalem District Court on Monday 11 Adar through the Shurat HaDin organization. Among the defendants are the PLO, the Palestinian Authority and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“Until now, the terrorists are receiving inflated salaries from the Palestinian Authority, which is contrary to all logic and justice,” said the Fogel family.

On March 11, 2011, two Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the village of ‘Awarta from nearby Itamar. They broke into an empty house, stole firearms and then broke into the Fogel family’s house and murdered the parents, Udi and Ruthi, and three of their children – Yoav, Elad and the three-month-old baby Hadas HY”D.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)