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MK Maklev Addresses Steep Increase in Mikva Prices

As many Yerushalayim residents have recently realized, the price of a mikva in the capital has increased by a whopping 40%, now costing 14 NIS on erev shabbos or yomtov. A mikva in Bnei Brak on erev shabbos and yomtov remains at 8 NIS and in Modi’in Illit, 5 NIS. The sharp increase affects everyone, particularly talmidim and avreichim. No discounts are being offered by the Jerusalem Religious Council.

MK (Yahadut HaTorah) Uri Maklev has undertaken to combat the increase, which he feels is unreasonable during these difficult economic times during which families are collapsing from the economic difficulties.

Maklev adds that both the Ministries of Industry and Transportation have recently announced they are holding off on planned increases, aware of the economic climate, and Maklev is calling on the Ministry of Religious Affairs to absorb increases in costs and not to pass them along to the public at this time.

He further points out that while the Jerusalem Religious Council saw fit to increase prices 40%, the private mikvaos in the capital have not followed suit, and it is simply unacceptable to hit the residents with a 40% increase in price.

Maklev points out that many residents of the capital have no choice since in their area, there are only municipal mikvaos, no private ones and they are compelled to pay the high price.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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