Cleaning The Kvitlach From The Kosel Ahead Of Pesach


Pesach is rapidly approaching and one of the national treasures that gets a facelift ahead of yomtov is the Kosel, where the countless number of kvitlach are removed from between the stones and the integrity of stones inspected for safety.

The removal of the kvitlach is set to begin on Tuesday, 4 Nissan at 11:00AM, sponsored by the Kosel Heritage Foundation. Millions of kvitlach are inserted between the stones annually, and they are removed before Pesach and Sukkos and treated as genizah. Many of the notes arrive by the Kosel website, fax and email.

For the advanced planners, Birchas Kohanim this year will be on the second day Chol Hamoed in Eretz Yisrael, Monday, 17 Nissan (2 April).

Shachris 8:45AM

Birchas Kohanim for Shachris 9:30AM

Musaf 10:00AM

Birchas Kohanim of Musaf 10:15AM

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There’s been some extensive construction work going on with the buildings facing the Kosel. Anyone know what it is and whether it’ll be finished before Pesach?