PHOTOS: Arabs Selling Treif Meat As Kosher In Northern Israel



In a multi-agency operation, treif meat being sold as kosher was apprehended in an Arab village in northern Israel.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel issued an important announcement: concern about the prohibition of meat distributed by “Meat Giant Mamduach 2010 Ltd.”, “Meat House Beef Trade Ltd.”, “Fresh Meat Delicatessen Ltd.”, “MN” . Restaurant Management Ltd. (Paddy Nafa) ”

As part of the intensive intelligence activity of the Fraud Enforcement Unit at the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, there was a suspicion that black slaughter was being carried out in the village of Sulam, while attempting to market the items as kosher.

Members of the Kashrus Enforcement Unit in the Chief Rabbinate of Israel approached the court in order to order an investigation and seizure for the purpose of carrying out an investigation. At the same time, preparations have been made for the implementation of an on-site audit with the participation of law enforcement agencies from various ministries, including the Ministry of Health, the Veterinary Service, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Agriculture, with the assistance of the Border Police and the Israel Police. When the forces entered the village, a comprehensive search was conducted at the plant site, where meat products were found, without identifying their origin, fearing that some of the meat had been seized and destroyed.

In a statement issued by the unit to all city rabbis and kashrus supervisors, it was written that in the framework of an investigation into the Chief Rabbinate’s Kashrus Enforcement Unit, there were apparently suspicions that Mr. Mamdouh Shalabi, along with his brother Mohammed Shalabi and the companies under their control, 2010, “Meat House Trade Becker Ltd.”, “Fresh Meat Delicatessen Ltd.”, “MN” (Fadi Nafeh), are engaged in trade in treif meat, and therefore call upon rabbis who provide kashrus not to use the companies mentioned, even if items sold are marker kosher.

Director-General of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Rabbi Moshe Dagan, said that in the coming days, in parallel with the publication of the announcement, inspections will be conducted throughout the country to ensure enforcement and non-use of meat produced by the aforementioned companies. The cooperation between the various ministries and the local rabbinate reinforces the government’s enforcement system, thus increasing the level of security and ensuring that the food products marketed to the consumer as kosher do indeed meet the standards and without a kashrus or health obstacle.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)