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PHOTOS: Thousands Of Israeli Yated Ne’eman Newspapers Set Ablaze, Causing Shutdown At Kikar Shabbos

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  1. Just disgusting! Sinas Chinom destroyed the Bais HaMikdash! If they catch the perpetrators, they should receive a heavy fine and jail time.

  2. How embarrassing to me, who has raised a generation of Torah LOVING children to see this riff raff get headlines and worse to be considered “frum” and yet NO rabbi comes out to denounce the actions of these vandals!

  3. Some information about this would be important and desirable news. Some of the followers of this website actually know how to read, and have more capacity for news than a 4-year old who is limited to just gawking at lots of photos of fire at different angles.

  4. I wonder about the photos without stories, is there a lack of reporters, or are there businesses that either buy photos from bystanders, or who send photographers to demonstrations, riots, and follow rabbis around?

  5. Was this vandalism, protest or pesach cleaning? Maybe some people did not know what to do with all the papers piling up in the house and did not want to put them in shaimos

  6. Thanks again YWN for posting this very-important-news story! Thanks for hastening the geula! However could we be good Yidden without knowing this story! Louis Farakkhan must be proud of you for getting your news from his news agency! You seem to be his primary purchaser of news stories!

  7. Is this going to be like that time YWN showed people burning wigs with no context, and a little deeper digging showed that the wigs were found to be vadai avodah zara hair? Are we going to find out they were just using newspapers as fuel to burn chametz?

    You know what people are going to assume when you give no context. We aren’t going to sit here and pretend it’s not on purpose.

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