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SEE THIS: Some Companies Are Selling Cookies And Bread Baked From Flour Ground AFTER Pesach 5778?!


Many have the minhag following Pesach to purchase items from wheat that was ground after Pesach. Sadly, there are unscrupulous individuals who place business and profit ahead of all else, including deceiving consumers.

The accompanying photos show two items that have already been photographed before Pesach while their packaging states, “baked from flour ground after Pesach 5778”.

The Davidowitz Bakery has released a letter explaining the error, that breads baked prior to Yomtov were placed in bags printed for items baked after Yomtov. The company explains that the error was discovered and corrected, promising only items baked from flour ground after Pesach will state so on the packaging.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem via Jerusalem Kosher News)

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  1. I believe the bread is from the “Davidowitz bakery” (מאפיית דוידוביץ), not the “Duvdevan bakery” (מאפיית דובדבן).

  2. Welcome to the corrupt and dishonest world and generation. All for a few dollars in their pocket. Before Hashem and keeping the Torah and Mitzvos.

    Gonna have a very sad Pesach. Don’t know if I can trust anyone in today’s generation….

    Have a good yom tov

  3. Why hasn’t my earlier post been posted? You know it’s the truth. And if you don’t post the honest truth then your showing Hashem that YWN also runs after money and corruption. Please be an honest media

    “Kesef yaane es hakol” we know that’s sadly true

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