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Interior Minister Aryeh Deri Grants Residency Permit to Bible Quiz Contestant

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri granted a residency status to the Bible Quiz participant, Santihu Tadesse.

In a moving ceremony held Monday morning at the Interior Minister’s office, Minister Aryeh Deri presented an identity card of an Israeli resident to the participant in the World Bible Contest on Independence Day.

Santihu Tadesse, 18, came to the ceremony with his father and brother, who lives in Israel with his six other brothers, while he, his mother and other brothers remained in Ethiopia.

Minister Deri gave Tadessa the Israeli identity card for the presence of his family and other guests. Minister Deri said: “Santihu came to Israel to compete in the World Bible Contest on Independence Day and I heard from his mentor, Rafael Meyuhas, about his great knowledge of the Bible. Santihu had seven brothers in Israel and he had to leave Israel immediately after participating in the quiz. I was touched and decided to give him status in Israel and a temporary ID card and now he can stay in Israel with all the rights. I intend to give his mother and two brothers who are in Ethiopia an identity card so that the family will unite in Israel and live here.”

Santihu was very moved by the occasion and thanked the minister for his commitment to his family reunification in Israel.

The minister summed up his words and asked for one promise – that Santihu would win the quiz.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: מוקי שוורץ)

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