Jerusalem Officials To Dog Owners: Tie Them During Fireworks


The Jerusalem Municipality recommends tying dogs during the fireworks on Independence Day eve

The Jerusalem Municipality’s Veterinary Service recommends that dog owners tie the dogs and bring them to the houses on Independence Day eve during the firing of fireworks to prevent their escape.

Every year during the fireworks fire, the dogs become frenzied and run in all directions. The municipal veterinary service receives many complaints about dogs being trampled or lost and fleeing for fear of the fireworks.

The municipal veterinarian, Dr. Asaf Brill, notes that the municipality’s veterinary service center is increasing its manpower on Independence Day in order to locate the missing dogs, to respond to the citizens’ complaints about the dogs who are wandering and not finding their way home after the fireworks and allowing the dogs to return regularly to their owners.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)