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Large Scale ‘Independence Day’ Terror Attack Prevented By Israeli Security Forces

IDF forces and security services who operate the ports and crossings prevented a major terror attack in Israel on Wednesday when they apprehended a truck being driven by Palestinians in Samaria near the Reihan crossing. The truck was carrying a large bomb that would have been capable of detonating and creating a massive explosion.

The high powered bomb, had the capacity of ten large pipe bombs, and was woven into the roof of the truck. The truck had been carrying supplies intended for towns located on the green line inside Israel.

Police sappers worked to deactivate the explosive device and the driver was detained for investigation.

High ranking members of the Defense Ministry believe that the explosive was supposed to be detonated during an attack that was to be carried out during Independence Day celebrations somewhere in central Israel.

Head of the Port and Crossings Authority Erez Siddon praised the work of the  security personnel at the crossing: “I am proud of the officers who acted exactly as they should have in this case and followed protocol in a successful search. Throughout the entire process of spotting the suspicious vehicle to trapping it when it attempted to flee the crossing after it had been exposed as carrying an explosive device, the officers acted exactly as we would have expected them to.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said: “The professionalism and awareness of the officers for the Port and Crossings Authority of the Defense Ministry exposed an explosive device and prevented a large scale terror attack on Israel”s 70th anniversary. We will hunt down the despicable people who planned this attack. They will neither know day nor night until we apprehend them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  1. If we had to rely on the Torah learning alone (or lack thereof due to all their time invested in protesting and rioting), then this attack would have RL occurred. We need to devoted learning of Torah AND our histadlus of the IDF. Our Torah learning surely isn’t up to par with previous generations to alone merit complete blessings.

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