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VIDEO & PHOTOS: The Israeli Flag Flown Once Again At Ponevezh Yeshiva In Bnei Brak on Yom Ha’atzmut


It’s an Israeli Independence Day custom.

Once again, as is done every year, the national flag was flown on the roof of the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak.

This has been done since the Ponavezher Rov, HaGaon HaRav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman ZT”L established the yeshiva.

This year, there were two changes.

First off, the flag pole was extended to make it higher – fearing Bochrim from the Peloeg would try and sabotage the flag. Additionally, as can be seen in the video, Bochrim from Ponavezh also tried hanging the “Degel Hatorah Party” flag next to the Israeli flag.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

12 Responses

  1. For cryin’ out loud, is there no limit to YWN’s obsession with the state of Israel and independence day? How about reporting something about “tchilas hazman” (summer zman) in the yeshivos, or Sefiras HaOmer, or upcoming Lag Ba’Omer? You know, something in which the YESHIVA WORLD might actually be interested.

  2. Seriously? Why is this news? Should I start reporting to you guys after every time I see an Israeli flag? In Israel? What?

  3. My sina for another yid is dripping because of the deluge of articles on something that is not a meaningful part of the Chareidi world in Eretz YIsroel. When there is so much of interest to the yeshiva world to report. Is the Ponovetz report from this week? (I truly hadn’t noticed it. Maybe it got pushed back to page 4 or 5 due to the almost endless independence day articles.) And helicopter rides to Meron is not quite dealing with the essence of Lag Ba’Omer. Of all the similar comments to this item, tipesh gamur has decided that I’m a hater. Not true. I simply love reading about Yeshiva World News more than the current overload about Israel National News. No hatred. Just a preference. I don’t see any more hatred in my comments than in any of the others. Some commenters sometimes post some really inappropriate remarks about Chareidim, gedolei Torah, forcible drafting yeshiva students into the IDF, zealousness for mitzvos, etc. All those are freedom of expression and not hatred. But, my sarcasm? That’s pure hatred. Sorry, don’t see it

  4. @american_yerushalmi

    “My sina for another yid is dripping because of the deluge of articles on something that is not a meaningful part of the Chareidi world in Eretz YIsroel. ”

    I need not (and did not) read one word after that. You just admitted to being an open hater towards your fellow jew.

    take your hate, and get lost. No one will miss you here anymore.

    You hate another Yid because of a deluge on articles that your pathetic little pea-sized brain doesn’t like? GET LOST YOU CREEP. You don’t belong on the treif Internet to begin with. You are a sonei Yisroel of the worst type. Go make sure your wife is ready for shabbos in her burka, you self-hating jew. We all know who you are. a rioter who burns the city down with zero regard for human life. Who has zero regard for another yid.

    “”My sina for another yid is dripping because of the deluge of articles…………”

  5. american_yerushalmi you said “Maybe it got pushed back to page 4 or 5 due to the almost endless independence day articles.”

    It shoudl be. Last I chec ked, my calandar said that it was Independence Day yesterday. YWN publishes news for hundreds of thousands of Jews around the globe, many of wich celebrate this day. Why are you so intolerant? Do you see any of the readers who celebrate that day wrioting hateful comments against the incessive posts of photos of litvish rosh yeshiva all the time and nothing about the dati leumi rabbonim? no. Know why? Because they ahve a bit of class. Something self hating Jews will never have.

  6. american_yerushalmi – Clearly, a great many YWN readers ARE interested in ‘the state of Israel and independence day’. Bear in mind that (1) the D”L community has a large and thriving yeshiva world and that (2) many charedim view themselves as being Zionist (a recent study found that 45% of Israeli charedim view themselves as being Zionist. While one may question the methodology of the study and claim that they led to exaggerated results, it seems clear that a significant minority of charedim do view themselves as Zionists) and (3) not all non-Zionist charedim are Anti-Zionist. Your radical Anti-Zionist views are not shared by most of the yeshiva world.

  7. Dear Mods,
    After rereading a few times what I wrote, I figured out what caused the ruckus. The opening sentence about dripping with hatred that I was copying from your remarks was supposed to end with a question mark, not a period. I have some visual issues that often make it tough to get all the characters correct. Particularly as the period and question mark are right next to each other on the keyboard. So, now, try reading that sentence again as a question. Sounds a little different, doesn’t it?
    In any case, it’s clear that there was not the slightest hint in my comment about hating any yid. In past years, there wasn’t such extensive coverage of independence day as this year. I remarked that I liked the old way better. Yet, you have read all sorts of assumptions into my words. All of which are patently false.
    Although I did not attack anyone personally, you had the nerve to insult me with appalling language that I’ve not ever seen used against any other commenter on this site. Incidentally, FYI, all your assumptions are totally wrong. You know nothing about me. In the nearly 40 years that I’m living here, I have never participated in any hafgana. The only things I have ever burned were chometz on erev Pesach and (sometimes) wicks and oil after Chanuka. And I assure you that my late wife a”h never touched a burka. Two of my sons still do reserve army duty in combat units, one of which is particularly dangerous (all combat positions are dangerous; but his is really perilous). Even though they are no longer exactly youngsters themselves. And I am proud that when they are called up, they contribute to protecting Jewish lives. I have been dealing in kiruv for very many years, and have influenced scores of secular Israelis and Americans to be chozer b’teshuva; many others have been positively influenced in their attitude toward Yiddishkeit. I use the treifene Skype, email forums, phone conversations, and home meetings. Everything you assumed about me is totally off mark.
    So, the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, the President of the U.S., and the Prime Minister of Israel are not above criticism. But, heaven help anyone who dares to express nostalgia for the way the website used to be. It is somehow seen as a personal assault against the Sages of YWN, even though it’s not. Do you honestly feel that it’s OK for commenters to criticize Rav Chaim Kanievsky when they don’t understand what he said or did; but there can be no criticism of the website’s contents? I’ve never seen any other YWN reader ever receiving such a degrading, hateful reply from the moderator. This is journalism, and this is free speech. And it’s not and never was personal, so please don’t try to turn it into a personal vendetta.
    Although you humiliated me publicly, I forgive you because I’m not a hater. It is true, however, that I have a strong dislike for anyone who hates Hashem, like David Hamelech tells us. הלוא משנאיך ה’ אשנא (תהילים קלט:כא). Aside from such types, I do not hate any other Jew, not even the mods at YWN. Even if they don’t like the way I express my nostalgia.
    Perhaps it would be best not to post these remarks. As long as you’ve read them.

  8. @american_yerushalmi

    YWN Moderators or anyone affiliated with YWN has not previously commented on this story in any way. Comments criticizing YWN are approved all day long. Have a wonderful day.

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