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Live. Life. Better.

In the 30 years since The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation was established, it has forged a world-wide family of people committed to growth in the mitzvos bein adam lachaveiro. The annual CCHF weekend of inspiration and chizuk, slated this year for May 11-13th, Parshas Behar-Bechukosai, is a chance for you to join this special “family” and learn to “Live Life Better”.

The CCHF Third Annual Convention will be held at the Hilton in Stamford, CT.  Aside from the beautiful accommodations and upscale cuisine, guests will be treated to an exceptional program filled with an impressive array of renowned Roshei Yeshivah, Rabbanim and speakers, including HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlit”a, CCHF’s Rabbinical Advisor, Rav Zev Smith shlit”a, Rav Moshe Mordechai Lowy shlit”a, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro, Rabbi Gavriel Friedman, Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, and Dr. David Lieberman.

Judging from the effusive praise of previous years’ guests, the Shabbos promises to be an incredible, uplifting experience that will have a lasting impact on all who are fortunate to attend. Participants come to the convention as ordinary people, and leave with an elevated sense of passion and commitment.

In addition, the convention’s program speaks directly to the hearts of all those who have been participating in the CCHF’s programs over the years. Speakers will focus on ways of integrating the mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro into the daily situations of life, so that participants walk away with tools they can use to uplift their homes, communities and themselves.

An exciting children’s program will be provided by the popular WonderWords host, Rabbi Yosef Pruzansky. WonderWords, CCHF’s children’s telephone line, receives an average of 10,000 calls per day. It provides children with a constantly changing menu of stories, games, songs and contests that bring home lessons of shmiras haloshon and ahavas Yisrael to young listeners.

 The convention is open to any individual or family looking for a weekend of long-lasting inspiration. Among like-minded people seeking to grow in shmiras haloshon and ahavas Yisrael, inspired by speakers whose words overflow with love for these mitzvos, participants are sure to find abundant resources for renewed growth. The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s convention is designed to make a difference, offering usable tools for life as Klal Yisrael is meant to live it.

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