PHOTOS: Magen David Adom Preparing For Lag B’Omer In Meron



With Lag B’Omer approaching, Magen David Adom is preparing for the major operation, which address hundreds of thousands of Jews visiting the tziyun of the Rashbi ZT”L on Lag B’Omer as well as the days preceding and following.

MDA Director-General Eli Bin met with the heads of 20 Hatzoloh organizations which work with MDA, including; Petach Tikvah, Kfar Chabad, Southern District, Yavniel, Meron, Elad, Tiveria, Afula, Rehovot, Modi’in Illit, Beit Shemesh, Haifa, Yosh, and Gilboa.

These and other Hatzoloh organizations nationwide operate under the auspices and in total cooperation with MDA year-round, as they will be doing in this operation in Meron.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)