INSANE FOOTAGE: Cars Float On Streets, Malls Flooded, Insane Hail Storm – As Iyar Storm Sweeps Across Israel



It may be springtime, but this Iyar, it is accompanied by thundershowers, flash floods and high wind gusts. Route 40 in the south is closed down in the area of Mitzpei Ramon due to flooding. The S’dei Dov Airport in Tel Aviv has been closed as well. In the Misgav Council region, 42 students were caught in the storm and Magen David Adom treated them for hypothermia. Route 90 was also closed from the Dead Sea northbound due to flowing at Nachal Rachaf.

In areas of Yerushalayim, there is major flooding as area sewers are unable to absorb the flow of water. There are intermittent thundershowers and hail in the capital as well as in Dimona in the south and many other areas.

Heavy rainfall is predicted to continue throughout the night on Wednesday around the country, with officials fearing increased flooding in prone areas.

Jabotinsky Street in Rishon L’Tzion was closed in both direction as was the Rothschild Mall, due to flooding. A number of national parks have been closed as well.

The stormy weather is expected to continue on Thursday, albeit, more in the form of local showers with isolated thundershowers. Temperatures will remain unseasonable low.

Erev Shabbos is expected to bring additional stormy weather, with flood alerts continuing for prone area. Shabbos’ forecast calls for party cloudy skies with local showers in areas of the country.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Please bear in mind, that due to Hebrew calendar coming out so early in secular year this year, some years, on this secular date, it still is Pesach and just midway thru Nisson.

  2. Actually drinkng this water is a Segula for health – (the rain between Pesach and Shavuos – in E/ Yisrael)

    2tang0 – why so cynical?

    I bet u don’t even live here!

    And no – I don’ tagree with them – but there r some ver serious Charedi people who I personaly know who would ask Rav Shmuel ZATSAL about everything – yes I write ZATSAL

  3. do you think the chashmonoim were Chas”V hoodlems?
    it may be beacause you don’t understand whats acually going on in EY, and are influenced by the Left Wing YWN that you say such things.

  4. @147 – So is it Nisan/Pesach that heralds the end of the rainy season or Aviv/Spring? If the latter, then this is still unusual. No?

  5. Too bad the pelegim wouldn’t’ simply do National Service. Thousands of young men helping in a disaster like this would come in handy.