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Lapid Joins Kippah March in Berlin While Wearing “The Biggest Kippah He Could Find”

The Chairman of the Yesh Atid Party, Yair Lapid, joined protesters in the Kippah March on Wednesday afternoon in Berlin. Lapid had already been in Germany as part of a political visit and joined the protesters on their march throughout the city.

Lapid is traveling through Europe attempting to get political leaders and councils to recognize Hezbollah as an illegal and terrorist entity. He said that he chose to come and express solidarity with the Jewish community in Berlin and march through the city with his head held high and wearing a kippah, something which he normally doesn’t do in Israel.

“I came to Berlin as part of our concerted effort to get the EU to define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and to stop the money earmarked for terror. The moment I heard that the head of the community here told Jews not to walk around with a kippah in the streets because of anti-Semitism, I went and bought the biggest kippah I could find in Berlin. I wore it and came to a demonstration against anti-Semitism with hundreds of Jews and non-Jews who all wore a kippah and told anti-Semites, ‘You will fear us, we will not fear you,'” Lapid said.

“It is inconceivable that Jews would be afraid to wear kippot in Germany in 2018. I will not accept that we and our children are afraid just as our parents and grandparents were afraid. Anti-Semitism has always been and always will be; The question is what the Jews do. We have a state, because of that we have an army, because of that I can march today in Germany and tell anti-Semites to go to hell.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. Mr Lapid … “will not accept that we and our children are afraid just as our parents and grandparents were afraid.”
    Maybe, Mr Lapid, if you displayed more respect for that heritage yourself, the goyim would also.
    Whatever, when you’re already in a hole, stop digging.

  2. V’Hi She’amda L’Avoseinu V’Lanu – it is amazing how the threat of nations to destroy and imperil Klal Yisroel continues to motivate Yidden to cling more strongly to Yiddishkeit, something that peace among nations seems unable to accomplish. Who would have thunk that Yair Lapid would wear a yarmulke in public?

  3. So Lapid “respects” the right for Jews & non Jews to wear kippot in a foreign non Jewish Nation of Germany but he DOESN’T respect Orthodox Jews in his own Jewish Country to follow what it says in the Holy Torah!!!! What a low life hypocrite!!!

  4. 1) If we don’t male kiddush, the umos will make havdallah.
    2) Having a country and an army will not stop anything that is part of the fabric of creation; halachah, Eisav soneh es Yaakov.
    3) He deserves, how, some credit. Possibly due to the zechusim and tefilos of at least three of his great predecessors Rav Shmelkeh Klein, The Rebbe Reb Shmelkeh (HaLevi Horowitz) of Nikolsberg, and his brother the Haflaah.

  5. Richard M, Shkoyach. In sefira too. There’s few klalim more klali than ein shum ye’ush ba’olam klal. There’s no hole too deep for a yid to reach for his Tatti from. It comes out in some different than others. If this was your child, and he showed any nitzutz like this, you’d be (or should be) in shul in front of the aron thanking hkbh and davening that the spark should blow up into a fire of tshuva. “It’s too late.” Is this found anywhere in yiddishkeit?
    Shame on you.

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