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Has Iran Given Syria Advanced Weaponry That Can Threaten Israel?

Officials in Jerusalem are watching carefully amid fears Iran has given Syria additional advanced weaponry, weapons that pose new challenges to the IDF. This is based on statements made to CNN by a senior US official. It was reported one of the recent cargo flights contained new weapons that will be given to the Bashar al-Assad regime or used by the Iranians in Syria.

The cargo flights attracted the attention of US intelligence officials, taking place the day after the attack against the Syrian nuclear facility, 14 April. In fact, the flights themselves are not unique, other than the timing, which has the Americans concerned, along with the fact that there has been an increase in the volume in the exchange of accusations between Jerusalem and Tehran.

What is likely is that Russia will be supplying Syria with its advanced S-300 anti-aircraft system as Moscow announced would be the case. After Israel attacked Syria’s nuclear facilty, Russia announced it would not hesitate to supply the controversial S-300, for now it was a case of self-defense for the Iranians.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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