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Kiryat Yovel Shul And Eruv Vandalized On Shabbos R”L

Vandals on Shabbos broke into the Chanichei Yeshivos of the Sephardim in Kiryat Yovel and vandalized the shul with red spray pain. Mispallalim were shocked to find the graffiti when they arrived Shabbos morning.

Avreichim explain one of the rabbonim, Rabbi Yehuda Dayan, called on the tzibur not to permit this to lead to them inflaming the situation. He cited “Baruch Hashem even some area chilonim are coming closer to Torah and B’ezras Hashem, one day, they will all follow”.

Non-religious extremists are suspect in the attack. In addition, the community’s eruv was targeted on Shabbos as well, torn down as was done in past attacks in the ongoing religious was in the community between secularists and chareidim. The eruv has been targeted numerous times in the past, davka on Shabbos, to lead to chilul Shabbos among the frum tzibur, albeit without their knowledge.

Police crime scene investigators responded to gather evidence and launch an investigation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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