SHOCKING HATE: Calls For Hitler YM’S To Kill Chareidim And Vicious Incitement Allowed By Major Israeli News Agency



There was a slew of horrific incitement against Chareidim in Israel on Lag BaOmer.

The Ynet news site published an article about the hundreds of thousands of Yidden making their way to Meron for the Yartzheit of Rashbi, with readers given an overview of the nature of Lag BaOmer, as well as a report on the Boyaner Rebbe lighting the main fire in Meron.

However, the responses to the article – which were approved for publication – went beyond all limits. From calls to murder the chareidim celebrating in Meron, to calls on Hitler YM”S to return to work, to requests for missiles from Iran and Hezbollah to strike the celebrants and terrible curses against the Rebbe and the celebrants.

The responses, most of which are not worthy of being published by YWN, were published by Ynet without any filtering whatsoever. There were about 150 responses, with over 50 percent of them – loaded with incitement to openly murder chareidim.

BeChadrei Chareidim asked Ynet for a response and comment on allowing such hatred, and they stated they were deleting the hateful comments, and “Ynet apologizes if anyone was hurt.”

It is noted that some of the internet responses were not removed, and are still posted.

The photos are of some of the responses. Some of the translations include:

· Adolph are you alive?

· May Elokim take them! Amen Amen

· How long will the sinas chinam continue on Lag B’Omer?

· If King David saw this, he would ask Shaul, who are these aliens who have invaded?

· The minhag of bonfires should be eliminated immediately

· Mamosh sad idol worshipers

· The single largest problem in the State of Israel

· Infantile animals – what a waste of oxygen

· Where is Hizbullah when you need them?

· Detonate the bomb – eliminate these psychos

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I’m most certainly condemning all of that. But…

    It sounds like people really don’t like Chareidim. Why? It’s quite plainly visible to people who’ve seen the protesters in action. Sadly, the vast majority of law-abiding, well-mannered Chareidim are judged by the actions of this crazed group.

    Maybe we need a new name to distinguish the two.

  2. In this case, those who incite hatred towards their own race, are considered Judenrat – partially some of them who believed that they’d get away with being in the same predicament as those less fortunate. Those who speak out against their own people will be shocked that they too, will be treated equally by the Nazis Y”S. I guess they did not learn the history of the Holocaust well enough.

  3. FuturePOTUS . Do you really believe , that before “the protesters” , this was not going on ? In fact , this came to light , after being revealed by the B’Chadrei Charadim site , which for you , would probably be classified as “the crazed group” .

  4. YNet has always been very anti-charadi and very pro-liberal, so much so that I was banned for criticizing several editorials on that site.

    I gave up looking at it since they seem to live in a world of anti religious viewpoints….

  5. So we see how a certain style of comments/talkbacks on a website can get out of hand. I hope that YWN will take this to heart when deciding what sort of news items and comments to publish in the future. There’s this concept of “charity starts at home.” If the outside world sees incessant Chareidi bashing in some of YWN’s articles, and sometimes extremely repulsive remarks by commenters against Chareidim, gedolei Torah, Jewish customs that one or another commenter doesn’t approve of. All these are viewed by irreligious Jews, goyim, and for all we know, neo-Nazis and other Jew haters. They are getting the message that “well, if it’s OK for the Jews to call each other names, it’s surely OK for us (the anti-Semites) to do it!” It doesn’t help to argue, well “within the family” (among ourselves) it’s OK to have a little disagreement here and there. Or to say, (as many Israeli seculars argue), “but, we’re justified in our disdain for the Chareidim; just look around and you’ll see that our complaints are true!” Because the National Socialists in Germany in the 1930s also felt that “they were justified” in hating Jews. If Chareidi bashing is legit on one website, it’s legit on any and all other websites.

  6. and very much anti Bibi to the point that nothing positive can be said about him.

    disgusting to read something with such a perverted view point….

  7. Why has YWN given space to not only our enemies but these sickos who are the enemies of civilization? Anyone who is bright enough to read YWN can work out how to look at another web site if they want to. I call upon YWN to remove all the Ynet commenst immediately.

  8. This is no surprise to me, after the hatred against Chareidim that was & still is being preached in the Israeli media for the last 20 odd years, as being parasites, dogging the army, as if the NVEILEH FRESSERS of Tel Aviv are all reluctant to serve in the army, & a being chunk of the blame goes to the well known Yair Lapid who at any given chance has something to say or write negative about Chareidim,
    That’s not to say that the Chareidim are VOILE YINGELECH, yes most of them are law abiding citizens, but (as other commentators mentioned here) the chareidi hooligans protesting all day everyday are a big cause of this hatred, then comes the media & smears it well and proper,

  9. I will put on my sociology hat. This is possibly the fruit of the undeniably “bad optics” that certain sectors are oblivious to, while not lost on the population at large. One large example is the antics of Peleg, and the frequent disturbances in Geulah/Meah Shearim. LagB’omer specific issues are theft, abuse, and abandonment of shopping carts, theft of some wood, cutting and theft of trees, burning items which are toxic when burnt, vacant grassy areas blackened and stinking. There is also a widespread disconnect regarding cleanliness of the public square, and the preparation for and the aftermath of LagB’omer Look ,smell , and feel like slumification.

  10. You can be sure that if such comments would have been directed against Arabs, YNet would have filtered them out before publishing!

  11. as sad as it is to read all of those comments the chareidim in Israel are feeding it to them cause of how they protest like animals on the streets. just act like your supposed to on the streets & we wouldn’t be reading those comments

  12. this is unfortunately what happens when the jewish nation is accumulated with heretics who arrogantly don’t believe in in the divines of the oral law and greatness of our sages who had delivered these holy principles.

  13. This closely resembles some of the comments seen on Yeshivah World and BeChadrei Chareidy about certain Rabbi’s of whom a great deal of Lashon Harah is perpetrated against them.

    Rav Eliezer Berland and Rav Yosef Mizrachi to name two.

    Seems like the chareidy world is getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Or as Moshe said אכן נודע הדבר…

  14. Future Potus is right-Chareidim should use this as an opportunity for self-reflection. I don’t think the protesters are the only problem but perhaps the worst of it. There is much to be done in the chareidi world to fix its image. Anyone who thinks “who cares what others think- we need to do our thing” is very mistaken.

  15. Self-reflection is an on- going avodah.

    There is much room for improvement necessary in every kehlllah & should be attacked with honesty & accuracy. Spiritual growth is lacking in mitzvohs בין אדם לחברו, & tackling them is paramount.

    Demonstrations, violence, property damage towards police, soldiers, government officials would have been eradicated in any other country besides ISRAEL by now!!!!!

    In the words of many Roshei Yeshiva & manhigim (especially in the Litvish world), Lag Bomer has entered a phase close to עבודה זרה!

  16. Does anyone know who these anti-Hareidi posters actually are? That is to say, how do we know that these are not just a few people posting under multiple different names? Or for that mater, that these anti-Hareidi posters are even Jewish?

  17. Anyone who thinks that before the Peleg business, they were in love with the Chareidim is fooling himself. Since its inception, the secular zionist movement has displayed antipathy toward the Torah and observant Yidden. And for obvious reasons. Need convincing? Read some of the letters of the early zionist ideologues, including Herzl’s diary, to get a glimpse of what they really thought about Torah, Judaism, and frum Jews. Shouldn’t be surprising then to realize that some seculars think frum Jews are a greater threat than the arabs.

  18. Eliezer berland has admitted to seducing and asaulting multiple women.
    Yosef mizrachi has pronounced that most of the Jews killed in the holocaust were not real Jews, and that non virgin females are like a bottle of soda with a broken seal.
    Are you defending these creeps in rabinical clothing?
    Or are you among their thousands of perverted followers?
    How have you lost all sense of what is right and what is wrong???

  19. American Yerushalmi- The early Zionists are long dead. Their hatred was against Hashem and His Torah. Today’s chilonim may be an unfortunate result of that movement but the responsibility to bring them back lies upon every frum today. Anything and everything that is done to distant them lies on our shoulders. Pointing fingers at others and saying “oh yeah look how much they hate us!” doesn’t accomplish anything good. Let’s give them a reason to love us and Hashem’s Torah and we will get rid of most of the hatred.

  20. CTRebbe- While the early Zionists are long dead, the poison fruit they spawned is unfortunately alive and kicking. I pretty much agree with the rest of your comment. As long as we remember that it’s not our responsibility to suck up to the seculars by agreeing with their errant path in life. There are at present thousands of ba’alei teshuva in Israel. Ken yirbu! The matter of hafganos is not simple. While some are probably unnecessary, it’s a good idea to remember what the Brisker Rav zt”l answered when he was questioned about the usefulness of hafganos — if they’re not going to change anything anyway. The Rav answered, of Pharaoh’s 3 advisors (Bilaam, Iyov, and Yisro) who recommended throwing the Jewish male babies into the river, Iyov remained silent not speaking out for or against the murderous proposal. So, why then did Hashem punish Iyov with yissurim? Because, said the Brisker Rav, when it hurts — you cry out. Meaning, if you don’t cry out — it’s a sign that it doesn’t hurt. So, we cry out that what certain chilonim are doing to Klal Yisroel, to Eretz Yisroel, to themselves, — hurts! I suppose we could quibble about the precise nature of the outcry, but the basic idea is: if it hurts — one yells in pain. If we are not yelling — it’s a sign we are not in pain. And we most definitely are in pain. We need to continue working to spread more Torah throughout Klal Yisroel, which will surely alleviate much of that pain! Not by pretending that darkness is light, or calling evil good. But, by spreading the authentic word of Hashem and His Torah.