IDF Kills 3 Armed Palestinians Trying To Infiltrate Gaza Border Fence


The IDF announced today that they had successfully thwarted an attempt by four armed terrorists from Gaza to break through the border fence with the intent of crossing over into Israel, shooting and killing three of the Palestinians.

The IDF investigation revealed troops had spotted the suspects approaching the fence in a suspicious manner and then attempting to break the fence and cross over.

An IDF force arrived at the area, charged the terrorists and opened fire, killing three of them. The fourth terrorist was caught with a bag that included a camera, an axe, wire cutters, an oxygen mask, and gloves. Next to the body of one of the other attackers was two bottles of gas prepared in the form of fire bombs. Thus, an attempt to destroy part of the fence and attack Israelis was thwarted.

This was the latest attempt by terrorists to break through the fence in a long series of similar incidents that dates back to the beginning of the Gaza protests on March 30th.

Last Sunday, three other terrorists were likewise killed attempting to break through the fence all in separate instances.

Hamas, which rules Gaza, has been leading mass violent protests at the border every Friday as part of a weeks-long campaign against a decade-old blockade of the territory.

Since protests began at the end of March there have been 42 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire along the border, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Israel says that it is defending its sovereign border, including nearby communities, and that its troops target only instigators. Israel accuses Hamas, which is sworn to Israel’s destruction, of trying to carry out attacks under the guise of the mass protests.

The military said soldiers on Sunday thwarted “an attempt to infiltrate into Israeli territory and sabotage security infrastructure.”

Earlier Sunday, Hamas vowed revenge after blaming Israel for an explosion the night before that killed six of its fighters.

Hamas said that Israel “will pay a heavy price” for the Saturday explosion.

Gaza media initially reported the blast as a “work accident,” but Hamas now says the terrorists, including two commanders, were killed “dismantling booby-trapped spying equipment planted by Israel during the past decade in Gaza.” It did not elaborate or provide any evidence.

Israel’s military declined to comment.

Also Sunday, Hamas’ supreme leader, Ismail Haniyeh, was among thousands of Palestinians who attended funerals held for terrorists.