VIDEO: MK Eichler’s Words On The Opening Of The New US Embassy In Jerusalem


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MK (Yhadut Hatorah) commented on the opening of the new United States Embassy n Jerusalem, calling it a significant day. Like many others, he too referred to it as a “Historic day”.

However, unlike many or most others commenting on the historic event, Eichler was quick to add, “However, the future of Yerushalayim will be determined by the adherence to our religion, the Torah and its values”.

Eichler spoke in Knesset as the embassy dedication was taking place. He used the opportunity to also mention the fears in the north and south, stating, “At this very same time, the sounds of war are heard from Gaza, the north, and the entire Arab world. This reminds us that Ben David has not yet arrived. We are still in the full swing of the churban and galus and daven each day we will return to Your city Jerusalem by compassion, not Heaven forbid in war and bloodshed”.

Eichler added there are two pesukim that are appropriate for the occasion.

“שישו את ירושלים גילו בה כל אוהביה שישו איתה משוש כל המתאבלים עליה”.

Chazal explain this pasuk that all who mourn Jerusalem, will merit seeing its rebuilding.

“זכור ה’ לבני אדום את יום ירושלים ערו ערו עד היסוד בה”.

This one is interpreted that while others speak of those who seek evil, to undermine the sanctity of Jerusalem, to undermine and deny the Jewish people their right over Jerusalem.

We must be mispallel that these days will pass peacefully, and together with this, we are compelled to remember the warning of the Prophets, that the shemira over Yerushalayim is dependent on observing our religion, Shabbos, the Torah and its values, and this is the best security for Yerushalayim.

Eichler concluded with a tefilla.

“ראויה ירושלים, ראויים כל אוהביה, מכל המגזרים והעדות. עלינו לשמור על קדושתה, ובכך נזכה שהקדוש ברוך הוא ישמור עלינו. ברוך אתה ה’ בונה ירושלים”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Video Credit: Media Resource Group)