Israel Police Stands Ready For Shavuos Weekend – Traffic Advisories


With the Shavuos weekend before us, police in the capital are ready, as thousands of mispallalim are expected to make their way to the Kosel during the Shabbos and Yomtov, with the latter including Tikkun Leil Shavuos on motzei Shabbos.

Advisory for persons heading to the Kosel on Shabbos/Motzei Shabbos

  • Beginning on Shabbos “evening” (no exact time given), mispallalim (Jews) will not be permitted to enter the Old City via Shar Shechem due to Ramadan.
  • Beginning at 12:30AM Sunday morning (motzei Shabbos), Jews will be able to access the Old City via Shar Shechem. That time may vary depending on the decision of police officials at the time based on the situation evaluation.
  • The Shar Shechem restrictions apply for persons leaving the Kosel as well, via HaGuy Street in the so-called Muslim Quarter.
  • Police advise Jews to use one of the other Gates to enter the Old City from Shabbos evening until 12:30AM.

Police will also focus on shuls, hotels, entertainment areas and parks, basically making any place there might be a gathering of people a priority.

Changes in Traffic Patterns on Motzei Shavuos (Sunday night)

There were be changes in traffic patterns on motzei Shavuos, including the following as per Israel Police.

  • Bar Ilan will close to traffic from Shamgar to Sanhedria, Chativat Harel from Eretz Chafetz to Sanhedria Junction, Shefa Chaim and Golda Meir Blvd.

Regarding the above, only public transportation will be permitted and transportation vehicle to permit the flow of traffic as there are many visitors is Yerushalayim for Shavuos who begin heading home immediately following Yomtov.

Sultan Suleiman Street will also be closed to traffic due to expected congestion from persons attending Ramadan prayers. Persons may call 110, the police traffic information number for additional details.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)