SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Woman Laughs And Mocks Man Putting On Tefillin By Chabad At Ben Gurion Airport



It appears the ongoing incitement against religion and chareidim has influenced some. A traditional Israeli, Gad Kaufman, was traveling on a business trip and simply wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to put on Tefilin, after being asked by a Chabad shaliach in the airport if he would to.

At that moment, both he and the Chabad shaliach were harassed by a woman who did not exactly see eye-to-eye with one putting on Tefilin.

The self-hating Jewish woman is seen loudly mocking and insulting the two men. She demanded that they “move because you are bothering me….and “why are you doing this here, there are people here, this is a public place.”

[EXPOSED: Woman Who Mocked Man Putting On Tefilin At Ben Gurion Airport Is A Well-Known Israeli Professor]

The following was written by Gad Kaufman on his Facebook page, “An amazing incident occurred this morning in the Airport, when I was asked politely by a Chabad man, if I wanted to put on tefillin. I replied in the affirmative, and then a woman jumped up with a crazy look and began to curse, harass and disturb!

“It is really shameful that being a Jew in this country is being persecuted by the leftist bohemian. If I were a Muslim or a Christian, would this behavior be more legitimate,” Kaufman asked rhetorically.

The accompanying video shows the Chilul Hashem nebach, and just how a yid can unfortunately drop to such a level.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem / Photo Credit: From Kaufman’s Facebook page, taken from video)


  1. Really shameful behavior. The situation was stuck in her throat like a bone. She could have just walked away if it really bothered her but instead she made such a fool of herself. These are the same people who would show respect to worshipers of other religions but not their own. Shame on you.

  2. BS’D
    Sulem Uvruhe,
    Rabojszaj, nothing kind of shameful happened. Psites a tumedike siksze, who is 100precent not normal, needed a good slap in the punem and put her in a funhouse tekef umijad. But this is the case, in the medine most of the people are not 100 precent normal. A grojsze funhouse. Mainly americans. Bkicer this is the emes. In Hungary, Magyarország this kind a thing is a clear cut, finished off within 2 minutes.
    You are not going to post my comment it is also 100 precent, but at lest if you are reading it, you will now that there a still frum jiden in Ungarn, who does the maase l’Shem Somajim! A giten tug far di gance hevre at jeshiwaworld.

  3. If she didn’t like to watch what was going on she should have shut her mouth and sat down with her back to the heimishe yidden. However this was not by the Chabad booth and there is every chance that the airport authority will now step in and make sure its customers in the public areas are no longer bothered by the middle ages box bearing fanatics.

  4. מבדיקת ערוץ 20 עולה כי האישה שתועדה תוקפת בברוטליות אזרח שניסה להניח תפילין בנתב”ג היא לא אחרת מאשר פרופסור לחינוך ותרבות שאף כיהנה כמרצה חיצונית במכללה בארץ. בעלה, יורם, כיהן כנשיא הקרן לישראל חדשה


  6. It is being reported: “Woman who attacked man putting on tefillin at Ben Gurion airport is professor of liberal arts, education. Her husband headed the New Israel Fund.” She even published a book entitled “Education in Multi-Cultured Society: Pluralism and Congruence Among Cultural Divisions.” Hmm.

  7. people lighten up. i surely dont understand everything she is saying, but maybe she just wants them to move off to the side, which sounds reasonable to me… maybe she is just asking them to go do this in a corner somewhere not right in the middle where people are sitting. I think there is some merit to that request.

  8. rc, why should they move anywhere? Is there something not normal in a Jewish country (or even anywhere else) about putting on tefillin? Is it something private, or shameful? Does it interfere with anyone sitting nearby? It only bothered this woman because she hates Judaism. So why should she get her way?

  9. > rc

    “move off to the side”

    I don’t know what your screen shows you, but mine shows me a place that is all but completely deserted, empty and without traffic.

  10. Thank you MSB for the article. I live here in Israel and this is how low the left are. I copied it. Imagine there were millions of the same people in the Jewish nation before ww2.Read Rabbi Miller’s book. They didn’t learn their lesson and still want to be associated to the world that killed / and did nothing to save us.Chas v’sholom are they looking for another holocaust?
    Most Israelis , even the non religious are also probely sicked by this women, but they are the ones who are found making the laws here. These are the WoW people too.

  11. We should do what we can to have this woman exposed. In today’s social media environment, antics like this can spell the end of ones reputation and it is our job to make sure that happens to this self-hating Jew. We can’t be stepped on time and time again and remain quiet.

  12. RC, For Israrelis it is very normal for women to dress like zoines and to exhibit animalistic behaviour in public, just walk through the streets of tel Aviv and you’ll know what I mean. But for a man to put on tefilin quietly without making any noise is offensive? Are you quick to tell the pritzus women and people that act immorally to also move to the side or is that acceptable behaviour for you ?

  13. Thank you Nhorrow: I sent her an email. We all should. We should also send to the college where she works and to the education ministry. Bombard them with emails.

  14. This is simply the satan trying to prevent a holy mitzvah from being performed. The greater the opportunity for kedusha, the greater the chance of the satan attempting to distract. I’m sure all you moms can relate…. the kids start acting up the second you open your siddur.

  15. > It is Time for Truth

    “Take it easy everybody”

    This person is a teacher and author. How the next generation is being educated is not a minor matter to “take easy” .

  16. rc I agreed with you at first. Especially since there is a chapel..but consider if two people were showing affection in public as is sometimes seen. This makes others uncomfortable, yet she would leave them alone. Consider too if a Muslim laid out a mat and kneeled. she would have been tolerant…

  17. The Video Clearly shows many empty seats, not crowded area, and putting Tefillin is a quiet act. It was she, the Diversity Professor, who created the disturbance and Harrassed the men. The man chose to put on the Tefillin. She on the Left says it’s OK for woman to Choose to Abort Kill babies in womb for no reason at all, and for women to choose to wear Revealing immodest clothes, but A Man to
    Put on black straps on his arm she finds offensive. How Intolerant are the Tolerant Left!

  18. Maybe look it from another angle:
    Here is a jew who did’nt put Tefilin on yet & now he has the chance.
    But he deserves a bigger Mitzva. One which causes Bizyonos.
    And she provides the product….
    Thankyou Mrs

  19. It seems pretty clear that she’s disturbed. Those who liken her to “the Zionists,” “the Left,” etc., might do well to review the rules of lashon ha-ra before continuing. And those who send her e-mails ought to wonder what they may drive her to do next. Not a nice thought.

  20. This is nothing short of shameful harassment by a bigoted and disrespectful individual. I found this link from a website called Rate My Professor. You can see her low marks and if you read just a few of the students’ comments you can clearly see the pattern of prejudices against the frumme velt. Some students calling her a self hating Jew. Here is the link:

  21. I was in the Turkish Airlines lounge at Ataturk Istanbul AIrport recently and managed to put on tefillin and daven without being screamed at or seemingly bothering anyone. Unfortunately, the contrast between there and Ben Gurion says a lot about the self-hating Jews who inhabit the Zionist State. They fawn all over the “palestinians”. They have no Torah or mitzvos so what right do they have to be here? This is the Jewish homeland. If you not only fail to live your life as a Jew, but even laugh at and besmirch those who do, you have no business being here. To be dan l’kaf zechus, maybe she was leaving the country permanently and had some regrets that she was taking out on the holy Jews who made her feel guilty just by cleaving to the Eibishte.

  22. This email was sent today to the administration of the University of Maryland

    Bonnie Thornton Dill, Dean 301-405-0949 [email protected]
    Chanel Briscoe Dean’s Assistant 301-405-0949 [email protected]

    Dear Ms. Dill and Colleagues,

    I would like to call your attention to a very disturbing incident involving a member of your faculty which occurred yesterday in a public forum. The story has gone viral and caused much uproar in communities and news outlets around the world. It was especially disturbing that many news outlets have released the profile of this individual and have highlighted the fact that she is a faculty member of the University of Maryland. Please see links below.

    In the current global awareness environment of tolerance, pluralism and multiculturism, I would suggest that your administration rethink whether Dr. Peri deserves to retain her status as a member of the prestigious faculty of The University of Maryland as it is known for a very high standard of moral values and mutual respect for all of humankind.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    I look forward to your thoughts and reaction to this incident and the action taken to rectify this most unfortunate incident.


  23. NAFTUSH-2 MAY 30 11 19AM
    1. or chaim 156 magan avraham, mishneh brureh…mitzvah to mevazeh oivrei torah especially soine hadas
    2. loshon horeh everyone knows and sees is not lashon horah eurechun 16a…and more halachos you dont know
    by defending such an obvious meharshas and soine hadass shows your not better…’lo bechinom hulech hazarzur eitzel huoirev ala mipnei shehu mino’..

    .it is very obvious she opened her cesspool only because of yid. had it been a muslim kneeling on carpet and doings is 5 x a day thing it wouldnt have bothered this machsheife in least bit (and niether me or any other passenger especially not this precious mesires nefesh Lubavitcher)

  24. Nebish it’s an opportunity to follow the rabbis lead and show love for another yid if we could show her love we would have no problems with the terrorists in gaza

  25. loshen horah may 31 12 45 am
    I should show her love…i dont know her .i live on the other side of the planet!! how about she should show love??

  26. avremi may 29 4 52 am
    we think your name should be patrick…you reallly talk like a soine yisroel ‘ box bearing fanatics ‘huh?
    and if i woud want to put on tefilin (fanatic boxes) myself where ever i sit i have every right to do so like any other passenger does what ever they do whle waiting . i have a righ to stand the amida if i feel like as long i am sure i dont block.
    it beats me why christians, baptist etc come on a torah site and make comment gadol hador avremi (aka patrick) etc