Talmidim In Kretchnif Chassidus To Learn L’ilui Nishmas Fallen IDF Soldier Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky


Talmidim in the schools of Kretchnif Chassidus in Rehovot will be learning Mishnayos L’ilui Nishmas fallen IDF Duvdevan soldier Sgt. Ronen ben Vladimir Lubarsky HY”D.

During nichum aveilim, Pinchas Humminer, who represented the chassidus, told family members the mosdos in the chassidus would be learning mishnayos L’ilui Nishmas their son, Ronen. Arik, a brother of Ronen, who moved the nation with his moving hesped, thanked R’ Humminer for the gesture.

Mr. Vladimir Lubarsky stated the loss is severe and most painful. He asked to spread one thing, “Every single person in Am Yisrael must add life, to add simcha, and to add good, and we will defeat them with our continuity”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)