POLL: Large Percentage of Europeans Are “Unwilling” To Have A Jew In Their Family


To the amazement of some, a poll seeking to determine the attitude of residents of Western Europe towards minorities showed that 25% of Italian respondents stated that they would not accept a Jew in their family.

The Pew Research Center poll, titled “Being Christian in Western Europe”, shows that while most of respondents still consider themselves Christian, the number of practicing Christians continues to decline.

The poll, which was released on Wednesday, is the result of interviews with over 24,000 adults from fifteen countries, who were selected at random.

In the UK, 1,841 respondents were questioned, and 23% were clear when they said they would not tolerate having a Jew enter their family.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the Netherlands, 96% of the 1,497 respondents said they have no problem with a Jew entering the family. In Germany, 19% of the 2,211 respondents said they are unwilling to accept a Jew, as opposed to Austria where the number was 21%.

The report is available online.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “On the positive side, in the Netherlands…”

    Why suggest its positive? It has negative aspects too. The more acceptance as marriage material the more intermarriage. This has always been the case in our history. Is YWN suggesting something that will advance intermarriage is “positive”? Rather if it really must make a value statement, publish both the positive (religious tolerance) and the negative (intermarriage) aspects.

  2. To the amazement of some, a poll seeking to determine the attitude of Jewish residents of Israel vis-à-vis others showed that 83% of those who responded stated that they would not accept a Catholic in their family. The Italian Prime Minister said this shows just how unaccepting the Jews are of others, not just limited to the Palestinians.

  3. What is POSITIVE about this? Intermarriage in The Netherlands is rampant and at over 70-80%, Yeshiva World News, please reconsider what you find to be a positive development…