Abbas Tells Prince William He Is Serious About Peace


As he continues his regional visit, Prince William on Wednesday, 14 Tammuz, traveled to Ramallah for a meeting with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). The PA leader met privately with the prince, reportedly telling him that the PA is serious about achieving peace, wishing to live in peace in the pre-1967 borders, which Israel has rejected. Abbas explained “We want to reach peace through negotiations”.

While it has been documented that the PA continues to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists and pensions to survivors of terrorists who were killed, he told his royal visitor that the PA is genuinely working to combat terrorism.

Abbas also told the prince it is his hope that he returns to visit Palestine after it is declared a state.

The visit of Prince William represents a change as to date, the policy has been there would not be a royal visit to Israel or the PA until the sides reached a peace agreement.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Abbas is only interested in a peace where he gets everything he wants. Pre-1967 borders are not borders but armistice lines. If the poorly equipped Israeli’s had been given the same time and opportunity as Jordon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia to start their state, the armistice lines would have been vastly different. The Islamist’s won’t accept Israel’s existence, but they’ll play with the western media and governments, allowing their antisemitism to get justification. This circus of the absurd is going to come crashing down on the PA. The next phase is the dissolution of Hamas, then the Iranian / Hezbollah axis. The Arab spring was a fallacy, but the anti-Islamic extremism revolution could get something done.