Deri Orders A Probe Into The Legality Of Givat Shmuel Park Closure To Non-Residents


Interior Minister (Shas) Aryeh Deri has ordered a probe into the legality of the decision by Givat Shmuel City Hall to close its parks during bein hazmanim to non-residents. The decision is perceived as being anti-chareidi, aimed at preventing families from nearby Bnei Brak from using the parks.

Officials in the minister’s office confirm this, adding they are hopeful the matter will be solved before bein hazmanim.

Kiryat Shmuel officials insist the move is not directed against chareidim or any other population but intended to permit city residents to enjoy the limited facilities during vacation time, adding the new regulation is only for certain hours daily and not all inclusive.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Will deri back the chilonim for coming to the bnai brak parks during the week as well as shabbos? Or is he the same 2 faced politicion as he always was?